Episode #12 – Jessicoty

Hosted by Mitchel Clow, Jessica O'Neal, Megan Stoll

April 10, 2012

Smash Chat episode 12 is here! Don’t expect there to be a lot of talk about Uma Thurman though, seeing as she was only in the episode for 30 seconds…

-Coty makes a quick guest appearance at the beginning of the episode! It’s too bad he sounds so sick =[

-Why didn’t Julia tell Tom about Frank leaving her, up until her outburst at the high school play? Don’t they tell each other everything?

-Hey Karen, your naïvety is showing. Just thought you should know.

-What’s this? Ivy’s treating Karen nicely?!

-Woah woah woah, so exactly WHAT was happening during Derek’s hallucination?

-We applaud Dereck for not fighting back at Dev!

-Dev’s argument with Karen was wrong on so many levels.


-News covers a rumor of “Bombshell” coming to the real world Broadway, and a slightly spoilerific synopsis of Smash episode 12 from NBC.com (Don’t worry-there’s a spoiler warning, and a time to fast forward to to avoid it).

-Mitch has Megan and Jess take part in a debate on the topic of Dereck’s true feelings for Ivy.

-We read a couple of listener comments that caught our eye.


As promised, here’s a picture of the lovely Jessica O’Neal with her husband Eddie back in 2011.