ReWatchable Podcast

Episode #12 – ‘Firefly’ – 1×12 ‘The Message’

Hosted by Kyle, Selina, and Caitlin

June 3, 2013

ReWatchable is here for another episode! This week we discuss the twelfth episode of Firefly, “The Message.”

Don’t forget that this podcast is spoiler-free, featuring both Firefly fans and newbies. So it’s safe for everyone to listen!


-Kyle is hosting this week!
-Was anyone else disappointed they gave away the twist in the synopsis on Netflix?
-We meet Jayne’s infamous hat for the first time, and it reminds us why we love him.
-Did we like or dislike Tracey?
-Poor Kaylee had a hard time with Simon again. Did we like Tracey flirting with her?
-We wish Inara had a bigger role this episode.
-We also wish there had been more flashbacks to the time they were all in the war together.
-How dumb do you have to be to have someone scoop out your organs and replace them with organs you’ll be transporting?
-Did we really think they were going to give Tracey up to the alliance?
-Yep, some of our hosts still think Shepherd Book is evil.
-Why did Tracey go his separate way from Zoe and Mal?
-Should there have been more action at the end?
-The real star of this episode is Jayne’s hat. Clearly.
-By the time Tracey died, did we feel bad for him?
-What’s up with guys having girls’ names in this show?
-We make some Buffy comparisons.
-Is it annoying that Kaylee is the one that keeps getting threatened?
-We may have a ship name for Selina and Jayne’s hat.
-Near the end, the heat seriously gets to our hosts.

How did you like “The Message”? How did you feel about Tracey by the end of the episode?

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