Episode #11 – Never Too Late for Dessert

Hosted by Jessica O'Neal, Mitchel Clow, Megan Stoll

April 3, 2012

Mitch Jess and Megan gather together late on a Monday night to once again recap the latest Smash episode!

-Mitch ate a lot of sugar and is really hyper!

-We’re hoping to see Karen’s orange juice commercial as a webisode on NBC.com

-Megan describes why it may be shocking that John was a Republican.

-So…Sneaky Bastard is bi? Or just sleazy?

-We’re finally starting to see Ivy and Derrick function as a couple.

-Now it’s Dev’s turn to punch someone in the preview!

-Mitch rants about the singles for each week not being available on iTunes immediately.

-News includes Megan Hilty’s upcoming album, the song Eileen will sing, and listener

comments about the 90’s tech talked about in last week’s episode.


Here are the two pictures that we talked about, as promised!

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