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Episode #11 – ‘Firefly’ – 1×11 ‘Trash’

Hosted by Laura, Kristen, Caitlin

May 26, 2013

ReWatchable is here for another episode! This week we discuss the eleventh episode of Firefly, “Trash.”

Don’t forget that this podcast is spoiler-free, featuring both Firefly fans and newbies. So it’s safe for everyone to listen!


-Our first visual of the episode is Mal sitting naked on a rock in the middle of the desert. Talk about intrigue!
-Mal meets up with an old friend, Monty, only to discover that Saffron is scamming him.
-Should the crew have trusted her?
-Inara VS Saffron. Who would win?
-Inara and Mal: Is she being manipulative or is Mal too defensive?
-We think Mal is subconsciously keeping her from clients.
-Wobble headed Geisha dolls! We want one!
-We discuss possible flaws in their major heist plan
-We’re proud of Kaylee, getting to plan the whole thing!
-Saffron actually cares about someone. Shocking! Or was it?
-We totally saw the Feds coming. Psh. …okay, not really.
-Mal didn’t notice Saffron take his gun. We think he was playing her.
-Naked Mal! Need we say more?
-Laura shares some insight into Nathan Fillion’s tattoo.
-Inara beating Saffron to the punch. Did we see that coming?
-Once a liar, always a liar: Saffron, “I have a condition!”
-Did Inara really plan the whole thing or was this something she did solo?
-Simon, River & Jayne: We love that Simon took the high road!
-Will Jayne start trusting them, finally?
-Favorite lines
-Favorite Scenes

How did you like “Trash”? Did you think they really trusted Saffron?

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