Episode #10 – What’s a Cassette?

Hosted by Jessica O'Neal, Mitchel Clow

March 28, 2012

In what turned out to be a fun hour-long chat, Mitch and Jess were the only cohosts on this week’s show.

-Meryl Streep’s daughter guest starred as Eileen’s daughter in this episode-Mitch and Jess note how much she acts and looks like her real life mother.

-Now Sneaky Bastard is double sneaking?! Whose side is he on anyways?
-Michael’s break up with Julia was sudden and out of character.

-We attempt to understand the political jargon of Dev’s lackluster storyline.

-Ryan Tedder from the band One Republic had a small guest role in this episode. Mitch and Jess (attempt to) sing the group’s radio single.

-Ivy puts on her mean face too easily, and should learn how to say things in a nicer way, or else it’ll all come to bite her in the butt later!

-We FINALLY learn a little bit about Derek and Tom’s past-but only enough to just whet our appetites.

-Jess lectures Mitch on the ancient technologies of generations past.