Episode #10 – Do Traitors Go Gentle?

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Laura Byrne-Cristiano, Jen Lamoreaux, Sarah Maloy, Roxanne Clark

April 29, 2012

Secret Diaries Chat is back with a special guest host to discuss The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle episodes “Do Not Go Gentle” and “Traitor.”

This week’s panel consists of Selina, Laura, Jen and Sarah. And we are joined for the first time by special guest host Roxanne, who you may know from Glee Chat. Will she be the hardcore Stelena shipper we’ve been waiting for? You’ll have to listen to find out!

The Secret Circle discussion starts at 33:10, and the Listener Feedback section starts at 1:02:05. And don’t forget to stick around for the very end, where we share some bloopers!

In The Vampire Diaries discussion, we discuss the big decade ball episode “Do Not Go Gentle.” In the discussion:
– We nit-pick. How hard would it be to move the salt?! Do the characters not watch Supernatural?
– Is Roxanne on Team Damon or Team Stefan?
– We revisit last week’s Damon vs Stefan poll.
– Stefan’s “You have me” line to Elena: does she really?
– We all hate on Bonnie some more.
– Is Alaric sticking around as the Big Bad? Is he an Original? What’s an Ultimate Vampire Hunter? Was Esther really dead? We’re super confused, but luckily Jen has all the answers.
– Roxanne solves the shipping problem… but throws Julie Plec under the rabid fangirl bus in the process.
– Which Salvatore would sacrifice himself, Stefan or Damon? We answer the question with a Lost reference.
– One person who is Team Stefan is Caroline! What’s up with the Carolauler triangle?
– Why can’t Klaus kill Stefan, is he like in love with him or something? (We vote yes.)
– A lot of people didn’t like this episode. We give our opinions.

In the Secret Circle episode this week, we saw some more huge developments. In the “Traitor” discussion:
– Nick is back… or is he?
– …And do we care?
– If Nick can come back, how about the other dead characters?
– Laura had an “unexpected reaction” to this week’s episode… we’re intrigued.
– Do we feel bad for Charles? Should we?
– Diana is the Jiminy Cricket of the Circle. Cassie is Pinocchio.
– Adam/Melissa off on another side quest… and maybe we like them together.
– But how will Melissa react to Nick being back?
– Laura’s theory blows our minds: maybe Adam’s feelings for Cassie aren’t gone!
– Didn’t Adam say that his grandparents were in Florida?
– John Blackwell has manipulated his way into Sarah’s heart.
– The Circle is now more magical, yay!
– Selina wins the award for the Most Obscure Buffy Reference Ever. Seriously, ever.
– We should all make a “Running for Your Life” treadmill mix.
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Listener Feedback:
– We convince Roxanne to watch The Secret Circle.
– One listener hated the Alaric twist, another loved it. Should he have just died?
– Is Nick pure demon? And are we even sure he’s the traitor?
– We discuss a listener theory that Diana will succumb to the dark side.
– Bloopers!

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