Episode #1 – Revamped and Bitesized

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Sonya Faria, Jen Lamoreaux, Laura Byrne-Cristiano, Sarah Maloy, Tariq Herzallah

August 27, 2012

Welcome to Vampire Hype, Hypable.com’s podcast all about vampires – from True Blood and The Vampire Diaries to Twilight, Buffy and much more! This is the podcast formerly known as Secret Diaries Chat, revamped. Hehe.

After the cancellation of The Secret Circle. Hypable’s Secret Diaries Chat podcast lost half of its content! We’ve been wondering what to do about the show, and have decided now that rather than drop The Vampire Diaries completely from our podcast line-up, we have started a new show which would incorporate even more fandoms: thus, Vampire Hype was born.

Featuring the same good old group of Hypagirls (Selina, Laura, Jen, Sonya and Sarah), we are also joined by Tariq, co-host of The Sorkin Series and one of the Hypable forum administrators!

In this premiere episode, we talk Vampire Diaries news, the penultimate True Blood episode of the season, a potential new Dracula show with Jonathan Rhys-Meyer, and of course Twilight and our expectations for Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

As with Secret Diaries Chat, we will provide you with time codes if you wish to skip any of the segments. This week we start with The Vampire Diaries, then follows True Blood at 24:40, Dracula at 35:30 and finally Twilight at 47:15. Enjoy!


– Intro: it’s Secret Diaries Chat, but not!
– What other vampire fandoms we might talk about in the future
– We reveal each of our favourite vampire fandoms, Laura comes out of the Twilight closet
– This show: The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Twilight, Dracula
– Welcome to Tariq, our newest member of the fang gang
The Vampire Diaries: Casting news, Elena as a vampire
True Blood: Recap of “Sunset,” our predictions for the season 5 finale
– The new Dracula show: Will it be picked up? Can a period drama survive on NBC?
Twilight: Yes, we do like it, and we’re excited for Breaking Dawn!

As we’ve just started this show, we’re very keen to get feedback both from old and new listeners! You can leave a comment here, or tweet @VampireHype! Also follow this account for all news about Vampire Diaries, True Blood and Twilight!

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