Episode #1- Dragonlord Speak 101

Hosted by Pamela Gocobachi, Jessica Chapman, Patricia Spence

September 17, 2012

Welcome to Talks of Camelot! Hypable’s brand new podcast all about BBC’s hit fantasy series Merlin! This first episode is chock full of general excitement! Join hosts Pamela, Jessica, and Patricia as they talk about all the latest Merlin news that has been released regarding the show’s upcoming 5th season.

We hope you enjoy the first episode and stick around to talk Merlin with us all season long and beyond!


– Get to know the hosts! Pamela, Jessica, and Patricia introduce themselves and reminisce about how they got into Merlin
– Everyone’s excited about all the Merlin games coming out this year! Pam talks about getting early access to Merlin: The Game on Facebook and gives listeners an EXCLUSIVE insight on what they can expect when they get to play the game for themselves
– We sound off about the return of Anthony Head in season 5
– Would a Merlin film adaption work? The hosts talk about the pros and cons of Merlin moving to the big screen and becoming a movie trilogy
– Jess wows us with her knowledge of Dragonlord speak
– Morgana, Mordred, Aithusa, and more are discussed as the hosts dissect this year’s Merlin panel from San Diego Comic-Con and talk about the biggest tidbits the cast and showrunners revealed about the show’s upcoming 5th season

Feel free to leave any comments or questions about anything we discussed in the first episode below! You can also tweet us your thoughts on Twitter @TalksCamelot!

What are you most excited or nervous about seeing in season 5 of Merlin? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below! We’ll be reading listener feedback and talking about what we hope to see in season 5 of Merlin on episode 2!