Episode #6 – TVD: Sexy Blood Sharing

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Sonya Faria

October 22, 2012

Vampire Hype is back to discuss the second episode of The Vampire Diaries‘ fourth season, entitled “Memorial,” and prove that we don’t hate the characters!

Selina and Sonya tackle this week’s episode, in which Elena struggles trying to avoid feeding off humans, as a new vampire hunter comes to town and threatens the existence of our Mystic Falls gang. New character April is also introduced, and Matt Davis makes a surprise appearance as Alaric!


– Enter Connor – what’s his mission?
– Why can Jeremy see his tattoo? Is it a ghost tattoo?
– Let’s give April a real Mystic Falls welcome – and almost kill her off!
– The potential love triangle of Jeremy/April/Matt
– Stelena sexytime makes Elena barf
– Delena sexytime does not… oh wait, yes it does
– Tyler’s sacrifice
– Was the lantern scene too cheesy?
– The Doppelganger blood explanation – a little too convenient?
– Elena being able to feed off Matt without losing control
– We <3 Damon/Alaric 4ever
– It sucks to be dead on The Vampire Diaries
– Why IS Damon sticking around?
– Is the season starting out a bit too slow?
– Listener feedback: we get clarification on Caroline’s diet, a complaint about the recurring Hunter threat, and defend our opinions on Matt, Bonnie and Tyler. They do matter, those precious little snowflakes. No, really.

Leave us your comments on this episode here! Do you agree that Matt, Bonnie and Tyler need better storylines, or do you like them just fine as they are? And what do you think about new characters April and Connor?

Check out the promo for next Thursday’s episode “The Rager” right here on Hypable! It’s Phoebe Tonkin time…

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