11:15 am EDT, October 29, 2018

PlayStation Classic games announced, but some classics are noticeably missing

The just-announced list of PlayStation Classic games include some of the titles that fans were clamoring for, but left out some bare necessities for the retro console’s pre-loaded lineup.

The PlayStation Classic games are as follows, for the West:

1) Battle Arena Toshinden
2) Cool Boarders 2
3) Destruction Derby
4) Final Fantasy VII
5) Grand Theft Auto
6) Intelligent Qube
7) Jumping Flash
8) Metal Gear Solid
9) Mr Driller
10) Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
11) Rayman
12) Resident Evil Director’s Cut
13) Revelations: Persona
14) Ridge Racer Type 4
15) Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
16) Syphon Filter
17) Tekken 3
18) Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six
19) Twisted Metal
20) Wild Arms

PushSquare has reported that in Japan, there will be eight titles swapped out for some of the West’s PlayStation Classic games. Those eight are:

1) Arc the Lad
2) Arc the Lad 2
3) Armored Core
4) Gradius Gaiden
5) XI [sai]
6) SaGa Frontier
7) G Darius
8) Parasite Eve

Some of the missing titles from both versions of the PlayStation Classic games that we wrote about on our wishlist include Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, Silent Hill, Tomb Raider, and Parappa the Rapper. It must have been no easy feat in getting together some of the best PlayStation Classic games for the retro console, so we’ll take what we can get here.

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Notably, some major fan favorites did make their way onto the West’s PlayStation Classic games list, including Rayman, Twisted Metal, Resident Evil Director’s Cut, Grand Theft Auto, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six.

When the PlayStation Classic was announced at this year’s TGS show, the internet went wild with speculations as to what games would be included on it. Now that we all know the full PlayStation Classic games list, the wait until the December 3, 2018 release date can’t end soon enough.

The PlayStation Classic comes pre-loaded with all 20 of the above games, and includes two PlayStation controllers, along with a USB power cord and HDMI cord. The PlayStation Classic retails for $99.99, and is available to preorder at many major retailers.

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