10:30 pm EDT, September 16, 2014

‘Play It Again, Dick’ episode 1 premieres: Lose the smart pills

Play It Again, Dick has premiered today on CW Seed and we see the return of Kristen Bell and a whole lot of Dick.

If you have not seen the premiere episode of Play It Again, Dick you can watch it here.

It’s the beginning of the episode and the first thing we see? Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax lying on an end table. Which, if you weren’t aware, is actually a wax for surfboards. Yeah, we looked it up. There is also something called “Boner Express” on the table, but we didn’t really want to search that one on Urban Dictionary.

In just the first few seconds we see Dick Casablancas, P.I. in all his glory. He’s killing it with the ladies, running down the beach in a bathing suit and wearing his gun holsters basically everywhere he goes. Including the shower. We even get to see shirtless Jason Dohring. Twice! It’s really all just so beautiful. It was a great start to the show, if we say so ourselves.

It turns out these beginning clips are just the opening credits to Ryan Hansen’s Dick spinoff that he plans on pitching to The CW. He’s testing it out on Kristen Bell, though, first.

Kristen doesn’t exactly buy it, saying that a spinoff makes no sense considering Dick never had any interest in the solving crimes. Also, Dick was, sort of, well, a dick throughout the entire Veronica Mars series and that doesn’t always make for great television.

Before we move on, we’d like to congratulate Rob Thomas for fully utilizing the main character’s name. So many dirty jokes and it’s fantastic.

Despite Kristen’s very nice pleas against the show, Ryan eases her mind because in the show Dick will have taken “smart pills,” which make him fully equipped to be a private eye. Plus, he already had shirts made up, so it’s basically a done deal.

Will there be Play It Again, Dick merchandise? Because that “Dick” shirt is perfect.

Ryan takes the pitch straight to The CW and it doesn’t take much before they give him $50,000 to make the whole thing happen under the only condition that he loses the smart pills. The execs basically want this to happen all over again and go viral, thus launch CW Seed into the universe and making them popular.

At their first day of filming, Ryan is already brainstorming ideas for season 2 with Kristen, who lovingly just rolls her eyes at his idea for a musical episode. And that’s it.

A seven-minute episode will never be long enough in our eyes, because we can never really have enough Dick. But we’ll take it because those seven minutes were pretty fantastic.

Until next time, Marshmallows.

What did you think of ‘Play It Again, Dick’? Any favorite lines?

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