1:15 pm EDT, June 19, 2015

‘Inside Out’ Easter eggs: The Pixar ball, Nemo, and 5 others for you to spot

Wonderful storytelling aside, Pixar’s films are always a treat to watch because they’re peppered with Easter eggs harkening back to the studio’s earliest days.

Pixar’s newest film Inside Out is now in theaters, and unsurprisingly the film is loaded with nuggets.

Here are the Inside Out Easter eggs we spotted while watching the film for the first time:

  1. The birds from Pixar’s short film For The Birds appear on a telephone line towards the beginning of the film.


  2. In a nightmare sequence you can hear part of the score from the popular Disney Parks attraction The Haunted Mansion. Those who’ve been on the ride a couple of times will instantly recognize it.


  3. The Pixar Ball appears during a memory with Riley’s Imaginary Friend Bing Bong.


  4. In Imagination Land there’s a board game called “Find Me!” with a fish who looks just like Nemo from Finding Nemo. Since Pixar likes to include nods to their upcoming films, one could argue that “Find Me!” is a reference to next year’s Nemo sequel Finding Dory:


  5. John Ratzenberger, the actor who has voiced a role in every Pixar movie, plays a character who installs an upgraded console inside Riley’s mind at the end of the movie. In previous films he’s voiced Hamm (Toy Story), a construction worker named Tom (Up), a truck named Mack (Cars), the Abominable Snowman (Monsters, Inc.) and the Underminer (The Incredibles).


    Image via Pixar Wikia

  6. Pixar’s next movie is The Good Dinosaur, and as mentioned above, it’s tradition for Pixar to include a reference to their next film in their latest. We spotted a few dinosaurs in Inside Out, but time will tell which of those dinos — if not all of them — are in The Good Dinosaur.


  7. A student in Riley’s class wears a shirt similar to the one Sid wore in Toy Story:


    Image via WhatCulture

Other easter eggs

We suspect the Pizza Planet Truck from Toy Story and “A113,” two staples in Pixar’s Easter egg game, are in Inside Out as well. Unfortunately we were unable to spot either of these classic eggs on our first watch.

There’s a chance that Easter eggs like the truck are in scenes like this one where we get a glimpse into Riley’s memory orbs. We may be crazy, but we think there may be two memories of Edna, a character in The Incredibles:


Pixar’s Inside Out is now in theaters.

Which ‘Inside Out’ Easter eggs did you catch?

We’re sure there are many others that we didn’t spot, and future re-watches will hopefully unveil them. We’ll update this article as new eggs are discovered. Leave your contributions in the comments below!

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