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Ranking all of the ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ performances

From the good, to the bad, and the literally on fire.

You have seen the movie, so let’s talk about what is on everyone’s minds: all of the Pitch Perfect 2 songs.

Pitch Perfect 2 stars a killer cast, but just as exciting are the song choices themselves. With Pitch Perfect 2 now in cinemas worldwide, we turn our attention to those performances. The Pitch Perfect sequel had more a cappella groups and more songs than the first instalment, but does that make them better? Some were amazing, some were terrible, and some were on fire (literally). See what takes out our favorite spot, and then let us know in the comments which Pitch Perfect 2 song was your top pick.

15. The Bellas camping: ‘Torn’

pitch perfect 2 songs

This unison rendition of “Torn” mainly had us wondering if anyone outside of Australia had ever heard this song before, or if it was an homage to Fat Amy’s heritage. Either way, it wasn’t a performance of note.

14. Gail and John’s pre-podcast warm up: The Universal Studios opening music

pitch perfect 2 songs

Any scene with Gail and John was a winner for us, and we liked that Pitch Perfect 2 continued the trend started in the first film by having the opening credits music sung a capella.

13. The Bellas on fire: ‘Problem’

pitch perfect 2 songs

As Gail said, vocally this performance actually wasn’t bad. But there was so much going on, and someone was set on fire, so this is as high as we can rank it.

12. Emily’s audition: ‘Flashlight’

pitch perfect 2 songs

Poor Emily didn’t start out with a lot of confidence. But even with her closed eyes and air guitar, this performance got points for her bravery in approaching the Bellas directly — and of course, for the song.

11. Snoop Dogg ft. Beca: ‘Winter Wonderland’ / ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’

pitch perfect 2 songs

Who knew what Pitch Perfect was missing was a Christmas mashup. This performance wasn’t flashy, but it was fun and hey — it had Snoop Dogg!

10. Fat Amy’s serenade: ‘We Belong’

pitch perfect 2 songs

Although this performance was fairly simple (by Pitch Perfect standards), we loved seeing Fat Amy get her moment to shine in a solo performance.

9. World’s medley: ‘Any Way You Want It’

pitch perfect 2 songs

The Pitch Perfect 2 creative team knew that all we really wanted to see at the Worlds were Das Sound Machine and the Bellas, but they found a creative way to give us a glimpse of the rest of the competition by showing them all doing their own rendition of this hit.

8. The Bellas’ retreat medley

pitch perfect 2 songs

Although Beca might have thought these performances were pointless, they were vocally stunning and included some of our favorite songs. That said, we couldn’t help but feel (cynically) that these were included in the montage just so we could buy them in full on the soundtrack. Seriously, please release the full songs because we want to buy them.

7. The Bellas at the Kennedy Centre: ‘We Got The World’ / ‘Timber’ / ‘Wrecking Ball’

pitch perfect 2 songs

The Bellas are at their best with a simple routine, but until this all went to hell we were actually enjoying all of the glitz and glamor of this flashy performance.

6. The Treblemakers at Barden: ‘Lollipop’

pitch perfect 2 songs

Pitch Perfect 2 was very much the Bellas’ show, but it was nice to see one performance from the Treblemakers. Simply, this was the Treblemakers we loved so much in Pitch Perfect, so they almost win their place on nostalgia alone.

5. Das Sound Machine on tour: ‘Uprising’

pitch perfect 2 songs

Das Sound Machine had to be good so that the Bellas would be scared, and from their first performance they wowed us with their amazingly in sync vocals and choreography.

4. Das Sound Machine at Worlds: ‘My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)’ / ‘All I Do Is Win’

pitch perfect 2 songs

Okay, if we’re being honest… this was probably the best performance of the film. But we like the Bellas better, dammit. Still, these Germans put up an excellent fight.

3. The Bellas / Treblemakers / Das Sound Machine / Tone Hangers / Green Bay Packers compete

pitch perfect 2 songs

One of our favorite scenes from Pitch Perfect was the Riff-Off, and this a cappella battle was no different. All around fun, with standout songs from the Green Bay Packers (“Bootylicious”), the Bellas (“We Are Never Ever Getting back Together”), and Das Sound Machine (“Insane in the Brain”).

2. The Bellas around the campfire: ‘Cups’

pitch perfect 2 songs

So “Cups” wasn’t the most exciting Pitch Perfect 2 song, but it holds a special place in our hearts after the first film. On the sentimental scale, this was off the chart.

1. The Bellas at Worlds: ‘Run the World (Girls)’ / ‘Where Them Girls’ / ‘We Belong’ / ‘Flashlight’

pitch perfect 2 songs

Just as in Pitch Perfect 2, the Bellas’ final performance had to be our winner, too. The perfect combination of mashups and the original song; what a poignant way to say goodbye to our favorite ladies (for now).

Which of the ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ songs was your favorite?

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