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Don’t miss the ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ mid-credits scene

Which popular TV show did Pitch Perfect 2 crossover with?

Did you catch the Pitch Perfect 2 mid-credits scene, complete with celebrity cameos?

If you didn’t stick around during the credits, you may have missed the mid-credits scene starring Adam DeVine as Bumper. The scene didn’t have any real impact on the plot of the film (or any possible future films, this isn’t Marvel), but it was still fun to see.

Stop reading now if you don’t want to be spoiled for the Pitch Perfect 2 credits scene.

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pitch perfect 2 after credits scene

Earlier in the film when trying to impress Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), Bumper mentions that he has been handpicked to be put on a waiting list for a “very well known TV singing competition”.

And if you stayed through the Pitch Perfect 2 credits, you would have seen just that. In the middle of the credits, we get to see Bumper’s hilariously awkward audition for none other than The Voice with Christina Aguilera, Pharrell, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine.

Bumper performed “All of Me” by John Legend and impressed Shelton, who turned around very quickly. Upon seeing Bumper, however, he… turned back around? That’s not a real thing in the actual TV show, by the way. Pharrell was the next judge to give Bumper a shot, followed by Aguilera, then Shelton for the second time, and finally Levine.

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With all four judges having said yes, it was up to Bumper to choose who he wanted to be his coach. Unfortunately it was already narrowed down for him by Levine, who begged that Bumper “please, under no circumstances choose me [him] as a coach.” Aguilera was more complimentary of Bumper’s slightly odd demeanour — perhaps unfortunately for her, because she was Bumper’s choice. That meant that she was the recipient of a hug that was too eager and too intense. We don’t think Bumper would last too long on The Voice after that.

Did you catch the ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ mid-credits scene?

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