The brains behind Fable and Black and White, Peter Molyneux, is now working at indie developer 22cans, whose debut project, Curiosity, is described as a “psychological experiment.”  A new teaser trailer revealed the delayed release date of the ‘game’ and has left gamers scratching their heads in confusion.

The trailer features a big black cube, dramatic sound effects and a distinct lack of question marks.

Curiosity is an iOS/PC game where players work together to chisel away at a cube. The cube will fracture, then, eventually, one player will reach the centre and will have something “truly amazing, absolutely unique” revealed to them, Molyneux said in New Scientist. Only that single player will get to see the ‘prize’. Part of the experiment is to see how the winning player uses social media to spread the nature of the prize.

Another part of the experiment is the extensive use of pricey downloadable content. A diamond chisel is 100,000 more times powerful than the standard chisel, but will put you back £50,000. Will players’ curiosity tempt them to splash out on this extortionately priced DLC?

Whether Curiosity can even be counted as a game is open to debate, but whatever it is, we can’t help but wonder what’s inside that cube.

Curiosity, the first of 22cans’ 22 experiments, will be released in September on PC and mobile.

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