12:00 pm EST, June 20, 2016

‘Penny Dreadful’ suddenly canceled following last night’s shocking season finale

Surprise! Last night’s Penny Dreadful season finale was the last episode. Ever.

Showtime has confirmed that Penny Dreadful is ending forever with last night’s two-hour finale titled “Perpetual Night” and “The Blessed Dark.” The announcement is pretty shocking seeing as no one warned viewers that the show would be ending with season 3.

The crucial moment came when Vanessa Ives was killed. Showrunner John Logan decided last year that the show would end with her death.

“John has decided the show really, at its core, has always been Vanessa Ives. John has said three seasons is enough and I think it’s really interesting that we live in this world where the every show can have its own rhythm and create its own destiny,” Showtime president David Nevins told THR. “This is a case of your creator says this is the best thing for the show and eventually you just say OK, do it, just do it well.”

John Logan explained his thought process to THR. “I knew at end of season two that Vanessa Ives steps away from God and burns the crucifix and she’s left completely alone without the one thing that sustained her and the one source of strength she truly has — which is her faith,” he said. “Since the show for me has always been about a woman grappling with God and faith, I thought the idea of her scratching her way back to God and finally achieving some some of apotheosis was the appropriate ending. As the season began to dance about in my head, I realized where it would it was going to have to go and have to end. I thought that was the right end and the graceful end for the character. I discussed it with Eva and then talked to David about where I felt the season was going.”

How do you feel about ‘Penny Dreadful’ coming to a sudden conclusion?

We can certainly appreciate the showrunner ending this at a time he felt was right.

Source: THR

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