Parks and Recreation season 6, episode 3 “Doppelgangers” airs tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC. Learn more about these eponymous “doppelgängers” here.

Tonight is the much-hyped “doppelgangers” episode of Parks and Recreation. Showrunner Michael Schur had not been shy over the summer in revealing that many of our favorite Pawnee parks and recreation workers would be receiving their own doppelgangers from the Eagleton parks department. But we didn’t exactly know in what context the parks and rec crew would be meeting their counterparts.

Now after last week’s episode, in which Pawnee absorbed the town of Eagleton into its charter to help absolve its massive debts, it’s clear that the two parks departments get to meet their doppelgangers as they must work together.

Here’s a rundown of each Pawnee-ans doppelganger in case you forget.

Ron’s doppelganger will be played by legendarily gruff screen actor Sam Shephard, who coincidentally is also named Ron. As you can see is this clip, they’ll get along famously.

April’s doppelganger is a “rich boozy Real Houswewives-type played by comedic actress June Diane Raphael of NTSF:SD:SUV and Burning Love.

Donna’s doppelganger will be played by bombastic comedian Billy Eichner who, if Billy on the Street, is any indication will have no problem being as fabulous as Ms. Meagle.

We’ve already met Leslie’s counterpart Ingrid de Forest as played by Kristen Bell. The identity of Tom’s doppelganger has deliberately kept on the downlow but according to Leslie in this clip, his name is Eric and he’s awesome.

It should be a fascinating episode of double-vision in Pawnee-Eagleton. And if all else fails, Ben and Chris still get to crunch numbers to their hearts’ content.

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