Parks and Recreation season 5 continues at 9:30 p.m. this Thursday, but in the meantime check out this video of the best moments from our favorite oblivious literalist Perd Hapley, one of the premiere broadcast journalists in Pawnee.

Hapley, host of Ya Heard? With Perd and The Final Word with Perd, is many things: hilarious, melodious and classy. But he also lacks in many critical areas, namely intelligence, ability to pick up on social cues, and journalistic integrity.

But even if you don’t love him, check out his name: Perd Hapley (or as Ben calls him in his fail of a television interview “Turd Crapley”). There is nothing like a name that rhymes with fecal matter to make your day brighter, and at least he is not Joan Callamezzo (am I right?).

The following video from NBC captures the best of Perd Hapley. Check it out, and let us know: what was your favorite part?

Personally, it’s his one-liners that really make this video, such as: “It’s razor thin and getting razor thinner” and “I don’t know what you mean but it had the cadence of a joke” and “I don’t know the answer to that Jennifer, but your tone makes me think, yes.” And of course, who couldn’t love Perd doing the worm or trying to understand the definition of obscenity?

The best thing about Perd is that in many ways he looks and sounds the part of a normal broadcast journalist. He speaks in their cadence, he looks at the camera thoughtfully as they do and he tries to build a rapport with his interviewees like the pros. Perd loves to create and hype up scandal, and he loves to go after those he deems to be villains.

What are your thoughts on Perd, and is he just a funny character on Parks (as many are) or is his satirization of media something more? What is, in fact, your Final Word on Perd?

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