If you missed the first episode of Parks and Recreation Season 5, you can catch the second episode featuring Pawnee “we’re overrun by raccoons and obese toddlers” Indiana at 9:30 p.m. tomorrow on NBC, and the issue of obese toddlers will be addressed (no, seriously).

According to NBC, this episode “Soda Tax” features the ever-glass-half-full Leslie Knope, the newly elected councilor, trying to pass her first initiative: a city-wide soda tax that she hopes will reduce the consumption of the sugary beverages.

Meanwhile, Chris trains Andy for his police entrance exam (according to pictures, Tom will also help from a safe distance: a golf cart). Down in D.C., Ben tries to connect with the office interns. How can you not watch this episode? (How can you not watch this show for Pete’s sake?)

We’re excited to see what Leslie has up her sleeve after the new clean river initiative that she took on herself in episode 1; you’ve got to love Leslie’s go-gettum attitude. But how will a soda tax be feasible in a town run by Sweetums?! Since this episode means Leslie will be fighting the candy company, we wish that it would mean a return of Paul Rudd, but no such luck.

More importantly, we are greatly looking forward to the training of Andy. We are still really upset that Andy’s FBI/police officer alter ego, Burt Macklin, didn’t show up in the first episode in D.C., but we will settle for Andy training to become a real-life police officer. But we fear Chris’ training tactics. Ann once said that he ran 10 miles on his lunch break. Will he break Andy?

And what’s this about Ben not making friends with the interns? He should just stick with his tried and true technique: nerd out in his Batman costume. How could you not be friends with that cuteness??

Check out the pictures below and tell us what you are looking forward to most in episode 2 of Parks and Recreation season 5!

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