Parks and Recreation season 5 continues at 9:30 p.m. Thursday on NBC with “How a Bill Becomes a Law,” which features the arrival of much-awaited guest star Lucy Lawless, the same woman who brought us Xena, Warrior Princess.

So far Parks and Recreation season 5 has started out magically: April threatened to scoop an intern’s eyes out with melon ballers, Tom created a car replica from The Fast and the Furious and Leslie Knope passed her first initiative, a soda tax, as a member of the Pawnee City Council. (Yay for her literal and figurative moral compass. Props to Ron Swanson.)

This week promises even more greatness. (The title alone reminds us of that Schoolhouse Rock song, “I’m Just A Bill.”) The synopsis, provided by NBC, explains that this episode will feature Leslie trying to extend the community pool’s hours, Ron fixing a pothole for a local mom (a.k.a. the one-and-only Lucy Lawless) and Ben and April taking a road trip to visit their significant others in Pawnee.

The most exciting element of this episode, in our humble opinion, is the addition of Lucy Lawless who will play Ron Swanson’s new love interest, Diane. (Her name isn’t Tammy?! What is the world coming to?!)

Check out the video below where she talks Parks and Recreation, her character, and her real-life love for Ron Swanson.

What were your favorite moments? We loved the following quotes from Lawless. On Ron: “I think Ron Swanson is sexy, I really do.” On Diane: “She ain’t Tammy. She’s a female Ron.” On their on-screen courtship: “He’s so damn manly, Diane comes around.”

If that video isn’t enough, NBC also posted videos where Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson) and Chris Pratt (Andy Dwyer) talk about working with Lawless. Then check out the pictures below that depict the episode and tell us: what are you most excited about for this episode? (And can you believe what has happened to Ron Swanson’s face?!)

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