Now that Leslie and April are in cahoots to make Lot 48 into a real park, Leslie takes to the town to find a designer, but what if the best designer is from [spoiler]?! Check out the leaked photos from this Thursday’s installment of Parks and Rec season 5.

If you are a devoted Parks and Rec fan—you think of a three-legged dog when someone shouts, “Champion,” and you think of Leslie Knope when you see waffles or Joe Biden—then you know there is nothing that Leslie hates more than the residents of Eagleton (and librarians, of course).

In this week’s episode of Parks and Rec season 5, “Pawnee Commons,” a resident from evil Eagleton creates the best design for Leslie’s new park, and she is (understandably) wary and suspicious of this curious Eagleton character. Is he friend or foe? (We don’t know).

While Leslie investigates the designer, Andy tries to spice up his job as security guard and Tom cajoles the office into helping him get his new business “Rent-a-Swag” up and running. (All I can say is that I would be happy to have a hint of Haverford swag in my wardrobe.)

Check out the following images of this week’s episode (which includes our absolute favorite balloon animals of all time: Leslie and Ben … connected at the hand) and let us know your thoughts:

[scrollGallery id=1013 autoScroll=false thumbsdown=true]

What are you hoping for as season 5 progresses? There are rumblings that Parks and Rec season 5 may be the show’s last (but there are rumblings about that last year and look what we have now!), so what would you like to see happen?

Personally, we would like to see Tom have a successful business (and if possible, a successful relationship), Anne find a man, Leslie and Ben get married (politics themed please), Ron stay the same and Jerry score a supermodel wife … oh wait, that last one is actually happening. Christie Brinkley, who graced Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit cover not once, not twice, but three times, will portray Jerry’s never-before-seen wife Gayle. What other surprises does Parks and Rec season 5 have up its sleeves?

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