This Thursday’s installment of Parks and Rec Season 5, “Ben’s Parents” welcomes Glenne Headly and Breaking Bad‘s Jonathan Banks as guest stars. Photos have been released, and we’ve shared our thoughts on last week’s magical episode.

Warning! Spoilers follow if you haven’t watched last week’s episode!

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived: Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt are officially engaged. Audiences everywhere (we assume) squealed and oohed when Ben dropped to one knee on the floor of their new home—that Leslie originally thought they would never move into—and Leslie began to tear up.

Since the two are tying the knot, we have several requests we would like to make for their wedding now (just helpful suggestions courtesy of Hypable):

–This wedding must have a theme. Batman for Ben? Pawnee for Leslie? Politics for both?
–Anne must be maid-of-honor, but who should be the best man? Fingers crossed for Chris or Ron, both of which would result in hilarious antics, but Tom would be best-dressed.
–Andy must sing at the wedding, and April must give a toast that starts out snarky, quickly turns heart-warming but then takes a sharp turn toward frightening.
–Waffles must be served. It’s Leslie’s wedding after all.
–Jerry should break a chair, a wine glass or the cake.
–Donna must live tweet the event. #wyattwedding

What requests do you have for the Knope/Wyatt big day? Do you think Leslie will give up her last name?

The wedding is a while off, however, and we have digressed, so to return to this week’s Parks and Rec season 5 installment “Ben’s Parents”: Leslie meets Ben’s divorced parents, Banks and Headly, for the first time, and is incredibly nervous. With the help of Jean-Ralphio (HE’S BACK! Yay!), Tom pitches his new business plan — the clothing lending biz he made up on-the-spot last week — to Ron. Finally, as has been foreshadowed, Chris continues to ride out his emotional roller coaster. It was revealed last week that he goes to see his counselor five times a week, so something has got to give!

What are you looking forward to this week? Check out these photos, only available through NBC’s website and oddly un-downloadable here, and hazard a guess about what will happen this week.

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