Oh, you read that correctly. The one and only Leslie Knope will be conducting a sex education class for the seniors—aka elderly—of Pawnee in this episode of Parks and Rec season 5. Photos and further details below.

In this Thursday’s installment of Parks and Rec season 5, there has been an STD outbreak in the elderly of Pawnee (classic), so Leslie—played by Amy Poehler who it was just announced will host the Golden Globes with Tina Fey—decides to lead a sex ed class for the seniors.

Meanwhile, Ron has to help Tom adjust to life without gadgets. Which begs the question: how did he lose them in the first place? Based on the pictures below, it looks like Tom will be doing things he hates, such as soiling his perfectly moisturized hands by chopping wood and shooting. Let’s just hope it doesn’t end up as disastrously as last time he tried to do an activity such as this, a la season 2 episode 10 “Hunting Trip” where Tom accidentally shot Ron.

Down in the DC plotline, Ben and April meet, Congressmen Murray for the first time — the man whose campaign they are working on. What will he be like? Is he worthy of their hard work?

What we are hoping for in this episode: Leslie has to do all of the classic sex education demonstrations (like a condom on a banana…try to picture her face doing this in front of a crowd), and that Tom somehow injures Ron in the midst of his technology-deprived state (we don’t actually wish ill-will on Ron, but it would be funny to see it happen again).

Check out the pictures below and then tell us: what are you most excited about in this episode? What are you hoping for during the rest of this season? (We can’t wait to see where Ron and Diane go, especially with the return of ex-wife Tammy Two, aka Megan Mullally.)

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