The man known on and off screen for his sexy and bushy ‘stache, Nick Offerman, who plays Parks and Rec‘s Ron Swanson, reveals the secret behind his legendary upper lip decor in a new video titled, “How to Grow a Mustache with Nick Offerman.” And we sprinkled in a few of his other videos too.

“Get ready for the single manliest journey of your life.” This line sums up the beauty and magic that is Nick Offerman’s mustache manicuring advice:

The video, from, was made in honor of Movember—a portmanteau of the words moustache and November—which one can only guess is a cousin of the well-known No Shave November.

Our favorite moments from the clip?
–His introduction of himself: “But let’s be honest, most of you know me for this,” he says as he caresses his signature ‘stache.
–His short description of how he grew the mustache which involves Scotland sheepherders, Tibetan monks and the way he washes and dries it (over a camp fire like any real man would).
–His tips: “Smell wood” and “Eat a raw onion,” followed by the moment where he actually does chomp into a yellow onion. His face shows no hint of pain or discomfort. We bow to his mastery of the stony face.

What were your favorite moments from the video?

Want more Nick Offerman comedy?

Check out “A Slam Poem to Bacon” from College Humor:

The best line: “Here’s my fork, knife, spoon attached to my body… Or as I like to say, ‘My bacon-eater.'”

Or our favorite ever Nick Offerman video from Funny or Die, “Women’s Health Experts Speak Out” (aka, Nick Offerman and others satirize why men shouldn’t claim to be experts on women’s health):

What is your favorite Nick Offerman video? (He has so many, so it’s hard to pick just one!) And what do you think of Ron on Parks and Rec Season 5?

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