NBC has given us our first look at Parks and Recreation season 6, episode 6 “Gin it Up,” and Tom Haverford seems to be quite taken by guest star Tatiana Maslany.

Orphan Black‘s very own Sarah/Beth/Cosima/Allison/Helena, played by Tatiana Maslany, will be stopping by Pawnee, Indiana this Thursday to guest star on Parks and Recreation, and we now have our first look.

Many thought Maslany, who plays an ever-growing list of clones on Oprhan Black, would have been a natural choice to have appeared in last week’s episode, “Doppelgängers.” But it looks like she’s being set up to be a potential love interest for Tom, which he obviously approves of. Watch a clip below!

It’s good to know that when Tom Haverford wants to flirt, he goes by “Thomas” and adopts a British accent. It’s also good to know that April Ludgate will do whatever it takes to wreck her friend’s flirting attempts. Little does she know that Maslany has extensive experience with people from former Soviet countries.

Maslany will be playing a Doctors Without Borders employee named Nadia Stotsky. Now that Pawnee and Eagleton have combined, they’ll undoubtedly have more classy organizations like Doctors Without Borders looking to use the park system.

There’s no word on how many episodes Maslany will be appearing in, but she is slated for next week’s episode as well.

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