Adorable characters, challenging problems, and the ever-increasing guilt of possibly dooming your loyal duplicates forever. Welcome to Oxygen Not Included.

From the makers of Don’t Starve comes a futuristic form of survival. Instead of forging around creepy woodlands, the deep underground on an alien planet is now the horrifying hurdle.

Set as a space-colony simulation game, you help ‘duplicates’ dig, build, and live in a subterranean asteroid base. Using only what is naturally around you such as rock, gas, and water the game starts off as a relatively easy concept of making sure the colony has the means to stay stress-free. But the kicker is trying to maintain it all.

The visuals are wonderful and follow the same style as Don’t Starve, the Tim Burton-esque game by the same company, Klie. The quirky characters, such as Mozzarella and Meek, are met by the very real possibility of death; yet never fail to try their darnedest in following your almighty direction.

What makes this game special is not just the simulation aspect, but also by pairing it with an engineering standpoint. In order to have something that runs on electricity you need to have a battery. And in order to have a battery you need a hamster wheel for your little duplicates to run in, etc, etc. The engineerings of the game are so smart, there are many ways to make the world keep on running. But also crumble down. The best part? Just brush yourself off and start over!

Oxygen Not Included is still in its Alpha mode, so this isn’t the final product, but changes and updates are happening routinely. Available to purchase on Steam, this little gem is a game that never ends because of all the possibilities that lay ahead. And if Don’t Starve gave any clue, surprises are around every corner.

Currently Oxygen not Included is only avaiable on PCs.

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