Outlander continues to expand its season 3 cast. The roles of Geneva Dunsany and Isobel Dunsany have now been announced.

Outlander season 3 continues to film in Scotland. Based on today’s casting announcement, they are now up to the part where the Dunsany sisters figure into the plot. Without being too spoilery, it’s safe to say that the sisters have a connection to both Lord John Grey and Jamie Fraser.

Starz has played it smart for those who have not read the Outlander novel Voyager. They’ve kept significant spoilers out of their character descriptions found below. On the other hand, if you’re all for spoilers, or if you need a refresher on who is who from the novels, check out our Outlander season 3 casting guide where spoilers are marked, and everything is fully explained.

According to the non-spoilery, official description from Starz, “Eldest daughter Geneva is as beautiful as she is headstrong. Yet she’s also petulant, spoiled and demanding of the servants at their home – Helwater. Geneva’s accustomed to getting exactly what she wants when she wants it. Underneath however she has a vulnerability — even a naiveté — due to her sheltered life.” Geneva will be played by Hannah James, who many will recognize as Emma Green on Mercy Street.

Isobel Dunsany, on the other hand, will be played by Tanya Reynolds, who has appeared in a variety of productions in the U.K., but she is not well-known to US audiences. According to the Starz official description, “Isobel, Geneva’s younger sister, is warm, friendly and genuine. Though more plain than her sister, Isobel is inherently more likeable and compassionate towards others.”

The addition of the Dunsany sisters comes on the heels of another important, female casting announcement. The role of Marsali was won by Lauren Lyle.

Other recent casting announcements have included the roles of Joe Abernathy and Young Ian Murray. The older Fergus, as well as the older Lord John Grey were also previously announced.

Still not announced as of yet are the actors who will play Yi Tien Cho (A.K.A. Mr. Willoughby), Joan MacKimmie, Reverend Archibald Campbell, Margaret Campbell, and Dr. Lawrence Stern.

Outlander will return to Starz at a date not yet announced in Spring of 2017.

Are you please with ‘Outlander’s’ choice of the Dunsany sisters?

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