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‘Outlander’ and ‘Big Bang Theory’ lead the best TV Quotes of the Week

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Did your favorite show bring on the funny, the memorable, or the meta this week with quotable TV quotes? Did you laugh out loud from the words of the resident “joke machine”? Will you be making a meme from what your favorite characters said? Are their words destined to end up on a t-shirt or coffee mug?

So, check it out, and see if our picks for favorite TV quotes of the week match your favorite TV quotes of the week!

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Jamie: “Sassenach?”

Claire: “Yes, master?”

Jamie: “What does fucking mean?”

Claire: “Well…it’s what we just did.”

After two tremendous fights and a physical altercation Jamie and Claire make up. Making up included a rather prolonged sex scene, and afterwards there is some pillow talk. Claire called Jamie a variety of things during their fight, “fucking bastard” being one of them, and now she has to explain what she said.

‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’


Lance Hunter: ” At some point you might have mentioned that “backup” was a lethal cyborg.”

Agent Coulson: “Truthfully? I just wanted to see the look on your face when he showed up. Priceless.”

Lance Hunter: “Glad I amuse you.”

Deathlock: “You know I can hear you up here.”

On the run, Coulson and Hunter have to improvise. It’s handy having a cyborg when you need one to fly a plane at a moment’s notice.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’


Callie: “I believe we get more than just one thing to love and one day, something will click and you’ll know you’ve found it.”

Callie, Stephanie, even veterans like Richard and Catherine are all looking for the next phase of their life to click into place. Ruling out certain specialties are an important step to finding out what will truly make them happy and fulfilled.

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