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‘Outlander’ 4×12, ‘Providence’ review: Forgiveness

Outlander pulled out all the stops for its penultimate episode of the season!

Things seem to be going full speed ahead on Outlander and given that there’s just one more episode left before season 4 wraps up, it makes sense that there’s a lot to unpack this week.

For starters, news of Bonnet’s arrest from last week’s episode has finally made it back to Bree thanks to her new fiancee, Lord John.

No doubt, Lord John thought letting Bree in on the news would put her mind at ease. What he probably didn’t expect was that Bree would ask to pay her rapist a visit prior to his date with the hangman.

Lord John seems hesitant to grant Bree an audience with Bonnet, but in the end he concedes after Bree lets him in on the mysterious letter Jamie asked Lord John to deliver to his daughter personally.

The fact that Jamie is still trying his best to be a good father to Bree even when he’s not around and DESPITE the way they left things is incredibly heartwarming.

It’s also lovely to see that Bree might be coming around when it comes to forgiving her Da. I’m taking the fact that she chooses to heed his advice of figuring out how to forgive instead of seeking revenge as a good sign. Perhaps if and when they’re reunited they’ll be able to have a level headed conversation with regards to what went down a few episodes back!

Bree may put on a brave face, but once she reaches Wilmington, it’s clear that coming face-to-face with the man who violated her is easier said than done. Lucky for her, she’s got a great newfound support system in Lord John.

There’s a moment just before the pair set off toward the jailhouse where Bree turns to Lord John and says “You are impossible not to like.”

Strangely, that line is probably my favorite of the whole episode because it feels like it encompasses how I feel about these two as a pair.

Bree’s heart may lie with Roger, but I can’t help but love Bree and Lord John together. There’s a lovely sort of sweetness to the scenes they share. Regardless of whether she sticks with him or ends up with Roger, I sincerely hope we get more moments between these two going forward.

Speaking of Roger, he’s not fairing so well with the Mohawk and it turns out he’s not their only prisoner. Roger meets Father Alexandre, who for lack of a better word turns out to be his cellmate.

We’ve got to tip our hats to Richard Rankin who plays Roger in this episode. There are so many moments throughout this week’s Outlander where he evokes so much with nothing more than a single glance.

He does just that in Roger and Father Alexandre’s first exchange wherein Father Alexandre says the reason he’s imprisoned is because he “fell in love.”

These two men may have just met but it’s so very clear in that moment that there’s already a bit of a kinship between the two. And of course Roger can clearly relate to the general gist of how Father Alexandre came to be a prisoner— were it not for falling in love with Bree, Roger wouldn’t have found himself imprisoned in the past himself.

Later, Father Alexandre explains that despite having taken a vow of celibacy, he fell in love with a Mohawk woman named Joiehon who healed him when he fell ill. When she gave birth to their child, the Mohawk asked Father Alexandre to baptize the baby to save its soul, but because Father Alexandre had sinned by lying with a woman, he felt as though he could not in good faith baptize the child.

Roger gets a taste of the Mohawk’s wrath after Father Alexandre returns having had his ear cut off for refusing yet again to perform the baptism. As for Roger, he’s having a hard time wrapping his head around why Father Alexandre won’t just do it to save himself the misery.

It soon becomes clear that it’s a question of morals and that Father Alexandre won’t budge on his stance— even after he reveals that if he does not, the Mohawk will tie him to a post and light a low burning fire under him, condemning him to a slow and painful death.

After delivering an impassioned speech in which Roger recounts how his love for Brianna has gotten him into the predicament he’s in, he convinces Father Alexandre to help him dig in the hopes that they might escape together.

Unfortunately, time isn’t on their sides. As soon as day breaks, the Mohawk are back to take Father Alexandre to meet his punishment.

Father Alexandre’s public sentencing buys Roger a bit of time though, and he’s able to dig a hole large enough to shimmy out of. It seems as though Roger may finally be freed from captivity but as he’s running away, he finds himself grappling with doing the smart thing versus doing what he knows is right in his heart.

In the end, Roger selflessly decides to run back to the village where he saves Father Alexandre from dying a painfully slow death by throwing a barrel at the base of the fire, effectively ensuring the pyre goes up in flames.

As if the scene weren’t tragic enough on its own, Joiehon bids a tearful farewell to her baby before choosing to burn with the man she loves.

Raders will undoubtedly tell you that this particular moment was even harder to stomach in the book. That being said, despite how gut wrenching it was to watch, the writers did a wonderful job of bringing the moment to life in this week’s episode of Outlander.

Back at the prison, Brianna has insisted on going in alone to face Bonnet. True to her word, Brianna offers him forgiveness and also the knowledge that she’s expecting a child.

At first, Bonnet is hesitant to believe the child is his until Brianna reminds him she’s got no reason to lie— especially given the fact that he’s set to hang.

Bonnet seems to come around as Brianna delivers a biting monologue about how her unborn child will never know of his existence as she raises her baby to be a good person and nothing like Bonnet.

It seems as though Bonnet takes Bree’s words to heart although “seems” is really the key word here. The thing about Bonnet is that he’s a master at manipulating the emotions of others— it’s this very skill that convinced Jamie to show a bit of compassion and help him escape in the very first episode of the season.

It’s hard to decipher whether he’s being sincere at all here with that in mind, but regardless he offers Bree a parting gift in the form of one of the jewels he stole from Jamie.

Things take a turn in the prison when Bree and Lord John find themselves in the middle of Fergus and Marsali’s rescue mission. They’ve enlisted the help of the Regulators to break Murtagh out of jail and they’ve spared no expense. In an effort to create a diversion, they’ve lit a ring of gunpowder around the prison meaning Murtagh and Bree’s reunion is cut pretty short as everyone scurries out before they get themselves blown up with with the rest of the building.

In their haste to escape, no one notices that they’ve left the keys to the shackles dangerously close to Bonnet, who’s still chained to the far wall of his cell. The last we see of Bonnet, he’s straining to reach the keys to free himself.

The matter of whether or not Bonnet survives before the entire prison blows up, however, is a huge cliffanger we’ll have to wait to find the answer to.

If Bonnet did manage to survive the blast, there’s no telling what that’ll mean for Bree — especially now that Bonnet is aware that she’s with child.

As for Murtagh, he may have escaped the noose but there’s no denying that in doing so, he’s placed a bigger target on his back.

There’s so many questions left unanswered this week alone, that it’s impossible to even begin to comprehend how Outlander plans to tie things up during next week’s big season finale.

We’ve got a feeling we’ll be on the edge of our seats during next week’s episode!

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