3:30 pm EST, February 27, 2016

We asked our parents to describe the 2016 Oscar nominees

The results are as ridiculous as you'd think.

What happens when you ask film ignorant people to describe the Oscars’ biggest films of the year?

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but here at Hypable, we think it’s more like, the strawberry falls far from the tree. We may be movie buffs, but that doesn’t mean our friends and family, the people we surround ourselves with, are as well. In fact, they know so little about films, it’s a wonder we still hang out with them.

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When we asked our friends and family to describe the plots of the biggest films at this year’s Oscars, we didn’t really know what to expect. How well can someone guess the premise of a film from just the title? Moreover, which films were advertised enough to have made an impression on even the most ignorant of film watchers?

The rules were simple: Ask friends and family to describe a movie’s plot as succinctly as possible, given only the title of the movie. No Googling, and no help from us. The results could not have been more varied.

‘The Revenant’

We started out easy. The Revenant is one of the most talked about films this year, and sure enough, our victims participants pretty much knew the gist of it.

the revenant oscars 2016 01

the revenant oscars 2016 02

the revenant oscars 2016 03


Things got a little more challenging with Spotlight. A vaguer, more generic title required a little more creativity in the guesses.

spotlight oscars 2016 01

spotlight oscars 2016 02

spotlight oscars 2016 03

‘Inside Out’

Inside Out provided two very different ideas.

inside out oscars 2016 01

inside out oscars 2016 02

‘The Martian’

Confusion crash landed with The Martian, as titling and astronomy are questioned.

the martian oscars 2016 01

the martian oscars 2016 02

‘The Danish Girl’

The rather specific title of The Danish Girl was met with the vaguest guesses yet.

the danish girl oscars 2016 01

the danish girl oscars 2016 02


While nobody quite got what Sicario was actually about, the name alone was enough for them to know it’s dark and violent.

sicario oscars 2016 01

sicario oscars 2016 02

sicario oscars 2016 03

sicario oscars 2016 04

‘Bridge of Spies’

Everyone was on point with Bridge of Spies, whose title was clearly the most representative of what the film is about.

bridge of spies oscars 2016 01

bridge of spies oscars 2016 02

bridge of spies oscars 2016 03

‘The Hateful Eight’

We started out strong with The Hateful Eight, but quickly descended into the ridiculous.

the hateful eight oscars 2016 01

the hateful eight oscars 2016 02

the hateful eight oscars 2016 03

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

Likewise, our family totally knew what Mad Max: Fury Road was about…until they didn’t.

mad max fury road oscars 2016 01

mad max fury road oscars 2016 02

mad max fury road oscars 2016 03

mad max fury road oscars 2016 04

‘The Big Short’

The questions began to take their toll on our poor friends and family, and their guesses lost all sense of truth.

the big short oscars 2016 01

the big short oscars 2016 02


Lastly, it’s possible Trumbo should have gone with a different title, as a common, very incorrect theme ran through the guesses, until one of them had finally had enough.

trumbo oscars 2016 01

trumbo oscars 2016 02

trumbo oscars 2016 03

trumbo oscars 2016 04

trumbo oscars 2016 05

trumbo oscars 2016 06

Thanks to Andrew, Ariana, Brandi, Brittany, Donya, Jimmy, Karen, Kristen, Kristina, Michal, Pamela, and the friends and family they may or may not have annoyed all week.

Which 2016 Oscars movie do you think has the most misleading title?

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