Orphan Black just wrapped its fourth season, and now we have to wait to find out who survives.

The BBC confirmed today what the Orphan Black showrunners have stated before; Orphan Black will conclude its run next season. You have to give the team at the BBC credit for having the courage to go out on top, and not milk the series to death.

After tonight’s episode it’s clear that the stakes have never been higher, and not all of our favorite clones may survive. The final season is going to be the clones vs. multiple Neolution factions as alliances shift.

Tent life

Alison, Donnie, and Helena are all roughing it in Helena’s tent until further notices from Sarah. Since just about everyone is wounded and/or captured at the conclusion of the episode, it’s all going to be up to Team Hendrix and Team Helena. Maybe they can team up with MK and the crew in the comic book shop, and pull a rescue mission, because they are the only hope anyone else has right now.

Krystal Goderitch explains it all

Somehow Krystal has managed to put together all the missing pieces. She tips off Art, Sarah, and Felix about Delphine’s survival and the connection to the new, de facto head of Brightborn. She’s also the first one to put together the warring factions idea.

On the other hand, she’s clearly not the brightest bulb on the tree as she thinks Sarah looks nothing like her, and she thinks one of the factions is Estee Lauder.

Cosima and Charlotte

Cosima finally cracks the code, and the cure for all the clones is now available. The only problem is that human life is cheap for Susan Duncan, who seems to view Cosima as nothing more than a talented lab rat. Susan locks Cosima up in a room as she makes her power play with the science that she thinks she has. The downside is that Rachel is making her own power play, and she and mommy dearest aren’t exactly on the same page.

Let’s face it, Susan might not have been above just letting Cosima die slowly in the room, but she knows Rachel might have more active measures in mind. Fortunately, Susan tells Charlotte to let Cosima out, and the two of them make a break for it with the cure, A.K.A. the homework, in Cosima’s possession.

As brilliant as Cosima is at science, her sense of direction sucks. She and Charlotte might have died from hypothermia if they hadn’t been found by the man haunting Rachel’s dreams. If we are to believe Susan, this mystery man is the founder of Neolution who has lived over a hundred years, and he’s ruthlessly dangerous.

On the bright side, the chief medical officer at this camp is none other than the missing Delphine. Upside? She seems to still be in love with Cosima and on the clone side. Downside is she lets Cosima know that she can’t tell anyone about “the homework.” It’s a matter of life and death. Did Cosima escape Rachel just to face a worse situation in the camp?


Of course Rachel hasn’t changed, of course not. She is capable of anything. She manages to outplay Susan and replace Evie Cho. She also manages to have Ira tied to a bed, and have Ferdinand take Siobhan and Kira hostage.

The real stunner, though perhaps not, is that she’s capable of attempting to murder Susan in cold blood. For reasons best known to Rachel, after her little battle with Sarah, she patches Susan up and ties her to a chair so that Susan can then monologue with her on why she is so misguided.

The biggest reveal is that Rachel’s eye was made by Neolution’s founder. He’s the one who has been sending Rachel the weird swan messages. So, is Rachel going to visit him at his camp? Will he come to Rachel? Why isn’t Rachel concerned that her eye is being controlled by a guy she knows next to nothing about? If he can control her eye, what else can he control?


Sarah is at her most desperate. In what’s possibly the poorest bit of cliched writing in the entire series, the street smart Sarah drops her gun when she sees the mortally wounded Susan, and doesn’t scout about for danger. Consequently, Rachel beats the crap out of Sarah with her cane, and stabs her in the leg, hopefully missing her femoral artery. Come on, Orphan Black writers, you’re way better than this! What a lazy, predicable, and pathetic way to write your kick-ass protagonist. From the zoom in on the dropped weapon to Sarah loudly talking, there’s nothing more to say than we expect better…much better!

Sarah manages to limp her way out into the woods where her fate is unknown. Will she die? Will Rachel find her? Will Delphine find her? Who flew the chopper and what side is he/she on? Will Felix and Ira be able to send help?

Orphan Black will return to BBC America in spring 2017.

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