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‘Orphan Black’ season 3 finale recap: Neolutionized

By Tariq Kyle | Edited by Karen Rought

The Orphan Black season 3 finale just aired and it completely changed the direction the show is going, and we’re so excited to see how tonight’s events affect our characters next year.

Orphan Black mid

Setting a trap

Art helped Sarah and Felix find an empty warehouse to use to contain Kendall Malone, and Mrs. S brings her in. Scott made a sterile tent so they can get some clean tissue and blood samples, but Kendall is not up for it. Scott explains that because Kendall has two cell lines in her body, when you separate certain chromosomes you get Sarah and Rudy.

Over at a military location, Virginia meets with the other Castor top guy and the director, and they tell Rudy that the director is pleased with Rudy’s work. Virginia then tells Rudy that Alison is the weakest link in the clone club so they have to go after her since everyone else went dark.

Delphine invites Ferdinand over to her office, and he thinks Rachel is dead. He says he wants the Original and once he returns the Original to Topside, Delphine will have to listen to him, but then Sarah shows up and tells him she has a one shot deal for him.

Sarah will offer the Original’s tissue samples to Ferdinand and Topside if he helps them take out Virginia Coady and her gang because he’s the lesser of two evils. You know, because Virginia wants to weaponize Castor. Sarah wants the project dead and needs Ferdinand’s help.

Cosima shows up to the secret warehouse to get the samples from Kendall, but Kendall refuses — that is until Cosima does her thing and sweet talks her into it. Afterwards, Mrs. S. shows Kendall that she is planning a sulfuric acid bath for her in case things don’t work out — since it’s the next best way to get rid of her DNA.

Orphan Black mid 8

Rudy vs. Helena

Sarah and Felix then head over to find Gracie and Mark, and he agrees to help them. He has Sarah punch him repeatedly so that his face is all bloody and unrecognizable, and he then calls Virginia to tell her the location of the Original. She goes to the location Mark gave her, but it was a decoy, and Ferdinand shows up and kills Virginia’s driver, saying she won’t find what she’s looking for.

As a surprise, Donnie takes Helena to the garage before he heads out to help Alison at the election to reveal that he called Jesse, and Helena finally reunites with her love. She makes out with Jesse and they catch up on each other’s lives, but Helena ends up having to leave because her sisters need her.

Donnie notices that Rudy is tailing Alison in her election bus, since it is election day for her campaign after all. He texts Sarah and luckily they all have a plan. Alison drives the bus to her house and lures Rudy into the garage, only it’s Helena that’s waiting in there. She and Rudy have a fight to the death, and Rudy is already starting to glitch, so it makes it that much harder for him to win. Helena does stab him in the arm with a screwdriver, and Rudy ends up dying from his glitch.

Mrs. S. and Sarah wait for Ferdinand to show up and Mrs. S. has a conversation with Kendall to explain exactly what’s going on and who Sarah is. Kendall says that Duncan came back after he harvested her tissue samples and he was fearing for his life from people at Neolution. Duncan explained to her that they polluted the science and corrupted his wife and he had no idea who to trust, but he kept Kendall a secret from everyone. He said there was one clone that escaped it all, and so Kendall told him to give her to Mrs. S. It was Kendall who connected Mrs. S and Sarah since Sarah is physically related to her.

Orphan BLack mid2

Neolution = Hydra

Later, Delphine shows up to visit Rachel in the hospital to see if she’s all right, but then “Rachel” wakes up and Delphine finds out that it’s actually Krystal. So she has her removed from the hospital and has a meeting with Dr. Nealon to have him explain why he moved Rachel to Germany and put Krystal in her place.

Nealon tells Delphine to turn on the television screen behind him and she sees footage of Rachel in her room. He says that Delphine was there with them from the beginning, and she realizes that Dr. Nealon works for Neolution.

He explains that Neolution have infiltrated all the players in this experiment since day one, and Castor and Leda are their Adam and Eve. He says that soon Topside will deliver the genome of the original into their waiting hands, and offers her a job, but she declines. Because she declined, Nealon gets up from his chair and tries to choke Delphine, and attempts to poison her/kill her with some sort of bug inside of his tooth that he had just pried out. But luckily she was armed and she manages to shoot him.

All the while Ferdinand and his bodyguard show up at the warehouse to collect the samples from Kendall. Sarah gets a call from Delphine, explaining that Neolution has infiltrated the whole thing and Sarah tells Ferdinand. We think Ferdinand is Neolution, but once Sarah tells Ferdinand that Rachel is alive and that Neolution has her, he realizes it was his bodyguard the whole time. Ferdinand knocks out his bodyguard with a baseball bat and is now officially on Sarah’s side — since they are going to try to get Rachel back.

To Beth

After everything, Alison prepares a post-election celebration dinner for everyone and they all show up at Bubbles to have it. Clone scene! They do a toast to Beth and make our eyes bawl out of their sockets. Alison finds out she won the election, and it’s such a heartwarming ending to all the drama. Delphine shows up to tell Cosima she needs to keep Kendall’s genetics as far away from everything as possible, and Cosima apologizes for blaming Delphine for all her choices.

Afterwards we see Mrs. S, Kendall and Sarah travel out to some snowy cabin in the middle of nowhere to meet up with Kira and hide Kendall.

Orphan Black mid 4

The return of Mrs. Duncan

Rachel wakes up in a strange, modernly furnished room with a clean eyepatch and nothing else — the surgery is done. She sees a letter on the desk next to a mirror and wheels over to see her new eye: It’s silver!

She’s trapped, and she wants to know who’s keeping her there. Then Charlotte enters the room: “She says you’re going to be my new mom,” and when Rachel asks who it is, her mother walks through the doors.

Cosima and her loved ones

Cosima goes to visit Shay and asks why she didn’t tell her she was in the military. But Shay says she doesn’t know anything about Cosima either, and Cosima wants to tell her but she can’t so, she leaves.

After the events of the episode, Delphine shows up at Shay’s apartment and tells her that it was her fault Cosima couldn’t say anything and that she should give Cosima the business card she just gave Shay, and that Shay should be good to her.

After visiting Cosima and kissing her goodbye, Delphine goes back to her labs only to realize that someone is following her. She realizes this and doesn’t put up a fight but asks, “What will happen to her?” She then gets shot and killed.

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