A couple days ago we told you that J.K. Rowling’s manuscript for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was going on display in London.

Now, someone at a Harry Potter site called MuggleNet has stopped by the exhibition and snapped pictures of it.

Most noteworthy is the fact that we see the original names of Hedwig and Dudley. According to Rowling’s own writing, Dudley was originally named Didsbury and Hedwig was called Kallicrater.

MuggleNet’s report also notes another interesting change:

The next passage, all crossed out, references Harry’s familiar habit of putting up a calendar and counting down the days until he goes to Hogwarts. This makes a reappearance in the next few books, but was excluded from Philosopher’s Stone if memory serves me right.

Another small change is that in this draft, apparently the academic year starts nine days earlier. Harry approached Vernon on the eve of his journey via Hogwarts Express, and the date is given as “August twenty-first,” which would mean the journey itself would be August 22nd – and as we all know, the journey is always on September 1st in the books (which is seemingly always a Sunday – like magic!).

You can hit this page on MuggleNet to see the manuscript pages for yourself, though they are hard to make out unless you’re there in person.

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