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Dear Netflix: Please bring back ‘Pushing Daisies,’ ‘Hannibal,’ and ‘Torchwood’

Thanks for Gilmore Girls, now can we add a few more shows to your list?

Dear Netflix,

I want to start by saying thank you. Don’t worry, the requests are coming.

Thank you for having all of my favorite shows ready to watch whenever I want. Thank you for creating the kind of addictive original content that makes me incredibly grateful for the way you release your shows all at once. I don’t think I could wait a week between episodes of Daredevil or House of Cards.

And now I have to thank you for reuniting me with two of the true loves of my life: the Gilmore Girls. I have wished and hoped for years that I would see a final season of Gilmore Girls with creator Amy Sherman-Palladino back at the helm, but just like I wake up every day hoping for Natalie Dormer or Daniel Radcliffe to materialize on my doorstep (feel free to carpool, guys, if you both want to come over), I didn’t think it would actually happen.

I shouldn’t have doubted you Netflix. You’re not only giving me back Amy Sherman-Palladino, you have greenlit a Gilmore Girls revival of four 90-minute episodes to finish off the series in the manner that should have happened back in 2007.

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Which brings me to my requests, dear sweet Netflix. It was reported earlier this year that you have decided to cut back on licensing arrangements for popular movies in order to focus more on original content. And your Gilmore Girls revival tells me that you’re on the hunt for the next show to bring back. Luckily, I have a few suggestions for you.

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pushing daisies netflix revival

‘Pushing Daisies’ season 3:

Each week the victims on Pushing Daisies died in bizarre and unbelievable circumstances, yet the show itself was the victim of nothing more than poor timing. The 2007-2008 Writer’s Guild Strike decimated the first season, burying any chance for Bryan Fuller’s technicolour masterpiece to extend past two short, murder-filled seasons. This grave situation aside, I’m dead sure Pushing Daisies would have been a hit. Instead, it was almost dead on arrival.

The show has been pushing up daisies since ending in 2009, and we have been pleading for someone to mercifully bring it back from the chopping block. Bryan Fuller is interested; even as recently as last year he wanted to bring Pushing Daisies back from the dead for a musical. But what we all want is a final season that sends the show off with the dignity it deserves, before it kicks the bucket for good. As with Gilmore Girls, people only have good things to say about this show that unsatisfactorily ended before its time. Be that merciful angel of resurrection, Netflix. Bring us a Pushing Daisies Netflix revival, or you might just be the death of me.

hannibal netflix revival

‘Hannibal’ season 4:

While we’re celebrating the genius of Bryan Fuller, let me give you some more food for thought: it’s time for you to commit to another season (or five) of Hannibal. You might have passed on Hannibal season 4 once, but there’s still time to take a bite. Showrunner Bryan Fuller has a “radical” plan for the next season, and that very literal season 3 cliffhanger has our mouths watering for more. It’s time for you to satisfy our hunger and fulfill those Hannibal cravings.

The hedonistic nature of Hannibal, heavy with dark undertones and imagery, and the beautiful and disturbing love story of Will and Hannibal, makes it perfect for your platform. It’s a show we want to gorge ourselves on, not take it slow. Three seasons couldn’t satiate our palate, we want more and we want it while Bryan Fuller and stars Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen are still available. Stop playing with your food, Netflix and commit to a Hannibal Netflix revival. Bryan Fuller is available; this is prey that wants to be caught. You’re on top of the food chain, so use your power for good and give us one more season for the devouring. Now doesn’t that sound appetizing?

torchwood netflix revival

‘Torchwood’ season 5:

Torchwood may have started as a fun Doctor Who spinoff, but it has long since rocketed off from the mothership of family fun. I’m sure you can understand the gravity of this situation, Netflix. We got attached to this sexy, twisted romp, only for it to blast off into the void with no more seasons planned, indefinitely. That’s why this is your chance; make us out of this world with joy and bring Torchwood back. You have brought TV revivals into your orbit, which provides the perfect atmosphere to bring back Torchwood. And the pay off would be astronomical.

You will need to work your superstar summoning powers, and get creator Russell T Davies back on board. Bringing in a new showrunner at this point would only feel alien to the audience. And sure, Starz may have backed the most recent season of Torchwood, but don’t let that stop your dreams, Netflix. After all, they haven’t commissioned any new episodes; clearly they spaced on just how amazing Torchwood is. Don’t feel intimidated, we all know that every showrunner would go to the moon and back for the chance to work with you. Give us a Torchwood Netflix revival, and mend the rift in our hearts. It’s launch time.

Why you need to act now:

Picking up cancelled shows is the newest television trend, and everyone wants a piece of it. Yahoo! Screen saved Community and brought back creator Dan Harmon. Hulu picked up the unaired episodes of Manhattan Love Story and Selfie, and then went one step further by commissioning an entire new season of The Mindy Project.

Now The X-Files is coming back to Fox in 2016 after 14 years off-air. Heroes Reborn premiered on NBC in September, reviving the original series that ended back in 2010. And after bringing back 24 in 2014, Showtime is working on a Twin Peaks revival slated for 2016 — a massive quarter of a century after the original series ended in 1991.

If you want Pushing Daisies, Hannibal, and Torchwood, Netflix — and based on your current business model, it seems like you do — you need to get in quick. As we can see, other networks are seeing that revivals are the way forward for audiences who are increasingly motivated by nostalgia.

But I don’t want any other network, Netflix; I want you. I know you’re busy. In addition to your stable of award-winning original programming, you’re busy filming Full House spinoff Fuller House for release in 2016, while also ordering a third season of Black Mirror. And of course, you now have custody of my beloved Gilmore Girls.

gilmore girls netflix revival

But you love saving shows. It’s kind of become your thing. When A&E cancelled Longmire you picked it up for a fourth season which was released earlier this year and you did the same for AMC’s ill-fated The Killing in 2014. And I can’t forget that you were the ones who inspired this whole trend in the first place by commissioning one final Arrested Development season. You are frequently and consistently taking our poor, shattered, post-cancellation hearts, and putting them back together again.

I’m not trying to pressure you, I just don’t want you to regret not going for it later on. If you picked up these shows for one last season, you would be giving closure to fans like me around the world. You would essentially be doing a service to humanity.

And with three brand new revivals to watch, imagine all of the extra hours you’d be giving us for Netflix and chill.

Marama (and all fans of Pushing Daisies, Hannibal, and Torchwood who share this on social media)

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