11:13 pm EDT, March 23, 2020

New ‘One Day at a Time’ scene explores how characters would cope with social distancing

Ever wonder how your favorite One Day at a Time characters would fair under coronavirus quarantine? Wonder no more, because a fun mini episode featuring all your faves clues us in on just how everyone would handle the current pandemic!

Social distancing from your friends can be tough, but perhaps One Day at a Time fans can find a bit of comfort in knowing that it’s tough for Schneider, Leslie, and the Alvarez family.

In a brand new mini episode revealed exclusively via Variety, fans can get a feel for how the ODAAT crew would cope with the concept of social distancing.

Given Schneider’s constant presence in the Alvarez apartment, it probably comes as no surprise that keeping his distance from his favorite chosen family is tough, albeit necessary.

But, as you can see from the scene below, all of your favorite ODAAT characters are making good use of video calls in an effort to keep in touch while they shelter in place.

So, how is everyone fairing? Alex is struggling with online classes, Elena is getting creative with virtual dates, Penelope is (understandably) frustrated over others not taking social distancing seriously– and making her job as a nurse practitioner 10 times harder, Leslie is astonished by how many people haven’t been practicing proper hygiene, and Lydia? Well, let’s just say she’s very displeased over the fact that a few choice items are sold out at stores far and wide!

Watch it for yourselves below!

In an interview with Variety, co-creator/showrunner Gloria Calderon Kellett revealed that the idea to explore how the ODAAT characters would fair with the concept of social distancing for the greater good came as she and her husband found themselves using video apps to check in with loved ones amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“As Kellett found herself checking in with loved ones via the video apps, her husband told her, ‘The Alvarez family would be doing this with Schneider.’ That idea sent Kellett and Royce on a slight detour from the dean into a new promo, ‘to give fans a little comfort via the Alvarez family,’” writes Variety.

From there, Kellett sent the script over to the cast, who in turn recorded their parts via their phones from their own homes.

The bonus scene couldn’t have dropped at a better time. In an effort to offering fans a bit of comfort, as Kellett explained, it also serves as a fun little appetizer for the series’ forthcoming fourth season premiere.

One Day at a Time season 4 premieres via Pop TV on March 24.

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