Once Upon a Time – Character Bios

Snow White / Mary Margaret Blanchard

While traveling with her father as a young girl, Snow’s horse becomes wild and she is saved by Regina. Due to this event, Snow’s father King Leopold decides that Regina would make the perfect mother for Snow and he visits Regina to propose to her, leading her mother Cora to accept on her behalf. Encouraged by Regina’s words about facing one’s fears after she saved her life, Snow decides to get back on the horse and goes to the stable where she finds Regina and the stable boy in an intimate embrace.

Snow runs away upset and Regina chases her down to explain to her about true love and how Daniel, the stable boy, is the one she’s meant to be with. Snow agrees to keep her secret so that the couple can be together but is later manipulated by Regina’s mother Cora to spill the beans. Believing that Regina is being fitted into her wedding dress for Daniel, Snow reveals that she’d told Cora about the two of them so that Regina wouldn’t lose her mother like she’d lost hers. Hiding her distraught and anger at the confession, Regina informs Snow that she would be marrying King Leopold and that Daniel had “run away.”

After her father’s death, Snow White is led into the woods by a Huntsman disguised as one of the guards. After determining his true identity she comes to the conclusion that her step-mother, the Queen, wants her dead and escapes from him. After he finds her writing a letter of apology to the Queen and a wish that her death would bring the Queen peace the Huntsman shows Snow mercy and lets her go.

While learning to survive in the woods Snow ambushes Prince (Charming) James’ carriage and steals a bag of jewels that she sells to bridge trolls in exchange for money. When she is later tracked by Prince Charming she agrees to help him get the ring back and leads him to the bridge trolls where they end up saving each other’s lives. The two part ways and later Snow receives a letter from Prince Charming professing his love to her and asking her to meet him.

She breaks into the castle two days before his wedding only to be captured by King George’s guards and thrown into a jail cell next to Grumpy. After escaping, she is told by King George that if Prince Charming does not go through with the wedding, he would kill him. Snow tells Prince Charming that she does not love him and leaves the castle where she is later reunited with Grumpy and his brothers who decide to help her with her pain.

Not wanting to feel her heartbreak anymore, Snow gives Rumpelstiltskin a lock of her hair in exchange for a potion that would make her forget. But the potion changes Snow’s personality so drastically that the dwarfs bring in Jiminy Cricket to mediate an intervention. However, the intervention backfires and spurs Snow into a desire to seek revenge on the Evil Queen for all that she’d done to her. Snow seeks out help from Rumpelstiltskin who provides her with a bow and arrow to kill the Evil Queen and also gives her a map of the road the Evil Queen will be traveling.

While setting out on her task she is intercepted by Prince Charming who tries to restore her memory with true love’s kiss but fails. Snow attacks him and ties him to a tree continues on her journey but is intercepted again when Prince Charming throws himself in front of the arrow meant for the Evil Queen. After Snow realizes that Prince Charming would die for her, she kisses him and her memories are restored but soon after King George’s men arrive and capture Prince Charming. Snow vows to save Prince Charming and returns to the dwarfs to make amends, gaining back their friendship and support on her new mission.

With the help of her friends, Snow storms King George’s castle to rescue Prince Charming but discovers that he had been taken by the Evil Queen who offers her a parley. Snow agrees and against her friends’ wishes, goes to meet the Evil Queen alone and unarmed. The Evil Queen presents Snow with the poisoned red apple and Snow willingly accepts it in exchange for Prince Charming’s life, falling into a deep sleep.

After Prince Charming’s true love kiss awakens Snow White, the two get married. At their wedding the Evil Queen appears with a threat of a curse that would end all happy endings. Prince Charming and Snow visits Rumpelstiltskin in his prison to find out what the Evil Queen is up to and he tells them about the curse and how to beat it in exchange for their baby’s name. The day of the curse, Snow gives birth to baby Emma and Prince James places her in a wardrobe carved from a magical tree in an effort to save her from the curse.

Mary Margaret is a school teacher in Storybrooke; she gave Henry the book of fairy-tales. She was kind enough to open up her home to Emma Swan after discovering her sleeping in her car. She volunteered at the hospital where she first met David Nolan, a comatose patient whom she would bring flowers to. While trying to help David she began to fall in love with him and after discovering he was married, tried to make the effort to stay away from him. However, the two kept bumping into each other until finally they decided to just give in to their feelings for each other. After the affair is revealed, Mary Margaret breaks it off with David for lying to her about being the one to tell his wife the truth and is now known as the town’s harlot. When Kathryn Nolan disappears and her heart is later found in her jewelry box, Mary Margaret becomes the main suspect. After the evidence continues to pile against her, Mary Margaret becomes desperate and escapes from jail.

While trying to escape through the woods, Mary-Margaret is kidnapped by Jefferson and taken back to his mansion where she is tied and gagged to a chair. She is later discovered by Emma who helps her escape and drop-kicks her captor, Jefferson out of the window when he tries to attack Emma. Outside of the mansion, Emma convinces Mary-Margaret to stay in town as she is one of the few people she considers family and assures her that they’d face her troubles together. Mary-Margaret agrees and returns back to her cell just in time for Regina to stroll through the station to check on her.

Mary Margaret is later acquitted of all charges after Kathryn Nolan is discovered alive.

The Shepherd – Prince (Charming) James / David Nolan:

The Shepherd (Prince Charming) is contacted by Rumpelstiltskin after the death of Prince James whom he discovers was his twin brother. Rumpelstiltskin convinces him to take the place of Prince James and fulfill the deal King George had made with King Midas, which was to slay a dragon. In return, the Shepherd’s mother would be taken care of. While in pursuit of the dragon, King George’s men tells Prince Charming to hang back while they kill the dragon so that he can take the credit for it but after watching many of them die in the process, Prince Charming decides to slay the dragon himself in an act of bravery.

After delivering the dragon’s head to King Midas, who proceeds to turn it into gold as payment, Prince Charming is then informed that he would also be marrying King Midas’ daughter, Abigail. Compelled by King George to accept the engagement, Prince Charming visits his mother to say goodbye and she gives him her engagement ring which she claims to finds true love wherever it goes. While journeying back to King George’s kingdom, Prince Charming’s carriage is robbed by Snow White who makes off with a bag of jewels that contains the engagement ring.

He later tracks her down only to discover that she had already sold the jewels and blackmails her into help him get the engagement ring back. After saving each others lives in the process of getting the ring back the two part ways. However, still harboring feelings for Snow, Prince Charming writes her a letter professing his love to her and asking her to meet him. After Snow informs him that she does not return his feelings he still breaks it off with Abigail and flees the kingdom.

While evading King George’s guards, Prince Charming is accosted by Abigail who informs him that she does not want to marry him either because her heart also belongs to another, Frederick. Prince Charming learns that Frederick was accidentally turned into gold by King Midas and agrees to help Abigail free him. He visits Lake Nostos which is guarded by a siren luring men to their deaths and after defeating the siren, returns to Abigail with the magical water from the lake. Once Frederick is freed from his curse, Abigail convinces Prince Charming to go after Snow and get his own happy ending.

However, in his search for Snow White, Prince Charming learns that she had taken a potion to forget him and that it changed her personality so drastically that she goes on a mission to kill the Evil Queen. In order to save her heart from darkness, Prince Charming intercepts her and tries to restore her memory with true love’s kiss but it fails and he is attacked and tied to a tree. With the help of Jiminy Cricket, Prince Charming is freed from his bindings and he applies a new tactic of saving Snow by throwing himself in front of her arrow meant to kill the Evil Queen. He convinces Snow of his love and declares he would die for her, earning him a kiss that restores her memory. While rejoicing at having her back, King George’s men find them and captures him.

King George takes Prince Charming back to his castle where he plans to execute him but in the middle of Prince Charming’s beheading the Evil Queen saves him. She explains to King George that her punishment would be better as she wants to use Prince Charming to exact revenge on Snow. The Evil Queen takes Prince Charming back to her palace and while holed up in her prison Prince Charming feels it when Snow fall under the spell of the poisoned red apple.

Prince Charming escapes the Evil Queen with the help of the Huntsman but as he is traveling to find Snow White the Evil Queen transports him to a magical forest he can’t escape. While trying to find a way out, Rumpelstiltskin appears with the ring his mother gave him that he’d enchanted to find Snow and offers to give it to Prince Charming and help him out of the forest if he would agree to a deal. Prince Charming refuses at first but then agrees and Rumpelstiltskin gives him the true love potion he’d created and tells him to hide it in the belly of the beast.

Prince Charming goes to find the beast that turns out to be Maleficent in dragon form and inserts the egg encased potion into a neck after a grueling battle. After barely escaping with his life, Prince Charming is approached again by Rumpelstiltskin who gives him the ring back so that he can find Snow White. When he does find her he is told by the seven dwarfs that he is too late as Snow White lies in a glass coffin presumably dead. They allow him to say goodbye and when he kisses her she is awakened by true love’s kiss.

Prince Charming soon after proposes to her and Snow White vows to take over the kingdom so that the two of them can be together; they are eventually married, but their happily ever after is ruined by the threat of the Evil Queen’s curse.

In Storybrooke, David Nolan is a comatose patient awakened when Mary Margaret begins reading to him from Henry’s book of fairy-tales. Suffering from amnesia, he leaves the hospital unnoticed and roams the woods in confusion, looking for something. He is later found passed out by a search party that includes Mary Margaret who saves him with CPR. Back in the hospital, it is revealed to David that he is married to Kathryn and that the two had gotten into a fight before he had his accident that led him into a coma.

Reunited with his wife, David struggles with trying to remember her and their marriage while slowly falling in love with Mary Margaret who he begins to spend time with. After pushing Mary Margaret to be with him, David has a memory of Kathryn and their life together and decides to make an effort to make their marriage work. When he keeps bumping into Mary Margaret, he finally gives in to temptation and the two starts secretly seeing each other. Mary Margaret pushes him to make a choice and David promises to tell his wife but omits his affair when asking for a divorce.

The truth comes out anyway and Mary Margaret breaks it off with David when she finds out he lied to her about telling Kathryn. David becomes a suspect in the disappearance of his wife when her car is found on the edges of town abandoned but is exonerated when all evidence begins to point to Mary Margaret.

Evil Queen / Regina Mills

Regina grew up with an adoring father and a controlling mother who uses magic on her to get her to obey her wishes. While having a secret rendezvous with her lover Daniel, a stable boy, Regina sees a little girl clinging onto a runaway horse and rides off on her own horse to save her. After saving the young girl’s life, who is revealed to be Snow White, King Leopold shows up at Regina’s home to propose to her which Regina’s mother Cora accepts on her behalf. Distraught at what her mother had done, Regina runs to Daniel and asks him to marry her and the two construct a plan to run away together. However, while embracing each other in a kiss the two are discovered by Snow who runs away in tears. Regina runs after Snow to calm her down and convinces her not to tell anyone, especially her mother.

Later, Regina goes to meet Daniel in the stables so that they can run away together but the two are headed off by Cora who rips out Daniel’s heart and crushes it. While Regina is being fitted for her wedding dress, Snow reveals that she told Cora about Daniel because she didn’t want her to lose her mother like she’d lost hers. Regina swears vengeance on Snow and secretly begins to plot against her; eventually leading her to kill Snow’s father. In an attempt to rid herself of Snow, she hires a Huntsman to lead Snow into the woods and then cut out her heart. After the Huntsman fails to deliver his promise she then takes his heart, therefore gaining power over him.

At some point she comes across Hansel and Gretel and uses the two to steal a magical apple; the apple she plans to give to Snow. When her plan is thwarted by true love’s kiss she then decides to steals ‘the curse’ from Maleficent but fails to activate it with her minions. She then visits Rumpelstiltskin, the originator of the curse, in his prison and strikes a deal with him in exchange for knowledge of how to activate it. He tells her that she has to sacrifice the thing she loves most and so Regina kills her father and uses his heart to correctly enact the curse, banishing all of fairy-tale land into the real world where she becomes Regina Mills.

Regina Mills is one of the only people in Storybrooke with memories from her life in the fairy-tale world. She is the town’s Mayor and adopted mother of Henry Mills, whom she named after her father. Regina is fiercely protective of her power and control over the town and tries to stay one step ahead of anyone who threatens the curse. As part of her revenge towards Snow White, Regina ensures Mary Margaret and David Nolan’s separation by finding his ‘wife’ Kathryn after he wakes from a coma. When that plan fails and the two are discovered to be having an affair, Regina takes it one step further by robbing the couple of Kathryn’s forgiveness and encouragement. In the wake of Kathryn Nolan’s disappearance, Regina plants evidence that incriminates Mary Margaret in her murder.

When Kathryn Nolan turns up alive, Regina realizes that all evidence points back to her framing Mary Margaret and persuades Sidney Glass to confess to the crime. Feeling threatened by Emma and fearing she is breaking the curse, Regina uses the last of her magic she brought with her to Storybrooke to retrieve the poisoned apple she’d given Snow White. She bakes it into an apple turnover to give to Emma.

When called to the hospital after Henry is admitted, Regina discovers that he ate the apple turnover meant for Emma. Devastated, she admits her crimes when confronted by Emma and for Henry’s sake decides to team up with Emma to ensure his well-being. The two go to Mr. Gold for help who insists that Emma must be the one to retrieve the true love potion as she is the product of it and also Henry’s mother. She helps Emma into the underbelly of the town where she has imprisoned Maleficent in her dragon form but while waiting for her return she is overtaken by Mr. Gold who binds and gags her so that he can trick Emma into giving him the potion.

She scolds Emma for falling for the trick after she is freed from her binds and the two rush off to the hospital after being called. Believing Henry is dead, Regina stands by devastated as Emma gives him a kiss goodbye that awakens him and breaks the curse. After realizing that everyone has their memory back, Regina proclaims her love to Henry before making a quick exit.

Rumpelstiltskin / Mr. Gold

Rumpelstiltskin deserted his duty during the ogre wars and returned to a wife who did not want to be married to a coward and so he became a single-father when she left. In a desire to keep his son, Baelfire, from being drafted into the ongoing ogre war when he turns fourteen, Rumpelstiltskin tries to flee with him. However, they are captured by soldiers and Rumpelstiltskin is humiliated for his cowardice in front of his son. Rumpelstiltskin accepts the help of a beggar who informs him that the only way to save his son is to control the Dark One working with the soldiers and to do that he’ll need the dagger with Zoso’s name on it.

Rumpelstiltskin breaks into the castle of the Duke and steals the dagger, summoning the Dark One, only to discover that it was the beggar all along. After Rumpelstiltskin kills Zoso he becomes the new Dark One and uses his newfound power to humiliate and kill the soldiers when they come to take away his son.

Rumpelstiltskin uses his power to end the ogre war and lead the child soldiers home but his power also makes him a ruthless killer who punishes anyone who harms his son, Baelfire. The villagers become terrified of Rumpelstiltskin and shuns Baelfire as a result. Unhappy with the changes in his father, Baelfire makes a deal with him that if he finds a way to get rid of the curse that Rumpelstiltskin would take it. At the suggestion from a friend, Baelfire seeks the help of the Blue Fairy who gives him the last magic bean existence that would transport he and Rumpelstiltskin to a world without magic but when Baelfire opens the portal to said world Rumpelstiltskin chickens out, breaking their deal. Baelfire travels to the new world without Rumpelstiltskin who vows to create a curse that would help bring back his son.

Rumpelstiltskin shows up many times over the years, making deals with many of the fairy-tale characters and has an ongoing feud with Queen Regina.

In Storybrooke, Mr. Gold is the only other character with knowledge of his fairy-tale life. He is extremely wealthy, owning most of the town, and uses his wealth as a means to make deals with the locals. He appears to be trying to help break the curse as many of his actions goes against Regina and he has has also confessed to be invested in Mary Margaret’s (and Snow White’s) future. He offers to help represent Mary Margaret as her lawyer in the disappearance and murder of Kathryn Nolan.

It is later revealed that he’d planned Kathryn’s disappearance with Regina and released her so that all evidence of framing Mary Margaret would point to her. When Regina and Emma come to him to save Henry, he gives Emma her father’s sword and informs her she needs to retrieve the true love potion from the best underneath Storybrooke. However, after Emma retrieves the potion he double crosses her and uses the potion to bring back magic.

Emma Swan

Emma is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. She was placed in a wardrobe carved from a magical tree the day the curse was activated and showed up on the side of a road in the real world, found by a seven-year-old boy. She spent most of her life in foster care and at the age of seventeen she committed a crime that landed her in jail with a juvenile record. At eighteen while still in jail she gave birth to Henry Mills and gave him up for adoption.

On her twenty-eighth birthday, Henry finds her and informs her of the curse and how she is the only person who can stop it. Not believing him but concerned for his well-being, Emma takes Henry back to Storybrooke where she decides to stay. She gets befriended by Mary Margaret who offers her a place to stay and is later hired to become deputy by Sheriff Graham but after Graham’s death she becomes the new sheriff of Storybrooke.

After learning of Regina’s involvement in the framing of Mary Margaret, Emma decides to fight for custody of Henry. Emma goes to Mr. Gold for help in winning custody of Henry but he refuses her and instead she turns to August. When August confesses to being the boy who found her and also tries to convince her that he is Pinocchio, Emma freaks out and reverts into the person she was before arriving in Storybrooke. Emma decides to leave Storybrooke and take Henry with her but before they could cross the town border Henry turns the steering wheel and convinces her to go back.

After much deliberation and learning from Mr. Hopper that she has no case for a custody battle, Emma decides that the best thing for Henry would be to stay with Regina. She makes a deal with Regina that she’d leave town if Regina would still allow Emma in Henry’s life. Regina agrees and gives her an apple turnover as a parting gift.

Later Henry arrives at Emma’s apartment and is dismayed to discover that she is leaving. He notices the apple turnover on the counter and to prove to Emma that the curse exists he decides to eat it; falling over into a deep sleep.

Emma rushes Henry to the hospital but Dr. Whale can not determine what is wrong with him and in an effort to find answers Emma dumps the contents of Henry’s bag and touches the fairy-tale book, receiving flashes of her parents. She confronts Regina when she arrives at the hospital and confirms what she now knows, that the curse is real. Emma and Regina come to a truce for Henry’s sake and goes to Mr. Gold for help. Mr. Gold gives Emma her father’s sword and tells her to retrieve the true love potion from the beast.

Emma, with the help of Regina, travels deep underground of Storybrooke to slay the dragon but after she retrieves the potion she is tricked by Mr. Gold who takes the potion and leaves. When the hospital calls, Emma and Regina arrive to the news that Henry is dead. Emma kisses Henry’s forehead goodbye and awakens him with true love’s kiss while simultaneously breaking the curse and restoring everyone’s memory.

Henry Mills

Henry is the adopted son of Storybrooke’s mayor, Regina Mills. After receiving a fairy-tale book from his teacher Mary Margaret, Henry figures out that everyone in his town is a fairy-tale character from his book and that his step-mother is the Evil Queen who enacted the curse. He tracks down his biological mother Emma Swan in Boston and tries to convince her that fairy-tales are real and that she’s the only one that can end the curse that is trapping the fairy-tale characters in Storybrooke.

To prove to Emma that the curse and fairy-tales are real, Henry willingly eats an apple turnover given to her by Regina that he suspects is poisoned and he falls over into a deep sleep. He is awakened when Emma kisses his forehead goodbye after believing he is dead.

Magic Mirror / Sidney Glass

After washing ashore in a lamp and found by King Leopold, the genie of Agrabah informs the King that he has three wishes. Already having everything he could want, the King uses his first wish to free the genie after discovering how unhappy he is and uses his second wish to give his third and final wish to the genie. The King invites Genie back to the palace and introduces him to his daughter Snow and his wife, the Queen, Regina whom Genie immediately falls in love with. Spending time at the palace, Genie discovers that Regina feels unloved and unwanted and gives her a mirror as a token of his affection.

The King discovers the mirror along with Regina’s diary professing her feelings for the gift-giver and seeks help from Genie to discover who has stolen her heart. As an act of love for Regina and so that they may be together, Genie decides to murder the King with an Agrabah-Viper she had acquired from her father but then discovers that Regina had tricked him in order to frame him. Not wanting to be away from Regina, Genie uses the last wish of the lamp to be with her always and look upon her face for all of eternity which causes him to become trapped inside of Regina’s mirror.

Sidney Glass is the head of Storybrooke’s newspaper, the Mirror. He is infatuated with the mayor, Regina, and does everything she asks such as spying for her and reporting on events in the town. Currently, he is working undercover as the wrongfully fired journalist trying to help Emma expose Regina for the rotten person she is.

Abigail / Kathryn Nolan

Abigail, the daughter of King Midas, fell in love with his guard Frederick who was accidentally turned into gold when trying to protect him. In an attempt to make Abigail happy, King Midas arranges for her to marry Prince (Charming) James after he defeats the dragon threatening their kingdom. However, Abigail does not love Prince Charming and helps him to escape when he breaks off the wedding so that he may pursue his true love. To return his gratitude, Prince Charming bravely defeats the siren that guards the magical water from Lake Nostos and uses the water to bring back Frederick.

In Storybrooke, Kathryn is reunited with her husband David Nolan, who had been in a comatose state for several years and who now suffers from amnesia when he awakens. She tries to rebuild a relationship that was already on the brink of destruction before his accident and also tries to help him recover his memories. However, David falls in love with Mary Margaret and after learning of their affair, Kathryn decides to leave for a new life and job in Boston. When she reaches the edge of town she gets into a car accident and disappears.

She is later found behind Granny’s bed and breakfast and taken to the hospital where she discovers that she had been declared dead and Mary Margaret arrested for her murder. She has no memory of her abduction, other than that she was held some place with food.

The Huntsman / Sheriff Graham

Raised with wolves, the Huntsman has a deep respect and love for the wild animals and little respect for the humans who hunt them. Because of his disdain for human life, Regina hires him to lead Snow into the woods and cut out her heart. While carrying out his task he finds that Snow is pure of heart and shows her mercy by letting her go. He brings the Queen the heart of an animal instead and enraged by his deception, the Queen takes his heart and enslaves him.

In Storybrooke, Sheriff Graham is having a secret affair with the town mayor, Regina Mills. However, he starts to grow feelings for his newly appointed deputy, Emma, and after kissing her receives a vision of his past fairy-tale life with Snow White. Looking for answers, Graham visits Mary Margaret and brings up the discussion of past-lives but a confused Mary Margaret makes a comparison to Henry and Sheriff Graham seeks out the young boy. Happy to have someone gaining their memory back, Henry shows Graham the fairy-tale book and informs him of his past life as the Huntsman concluding with the Evil Queen stealing his heart.

Desperate to find more answers and his heart, Graham seeks help from Emma and the two are led to a mausoleum by a white wolf that had been following Graham. Regina shows up and reveals that the mausoleum is her father’s and is confronted by a distraught Graham who confesses that he has no feelings for her. When kissing Emma again, Graham receives his full memories before he falls dead when Regina crushes his heart in the hidden vault of the mausoleum.


When Granny was a young child, her six brothers and father formed a hunting party to go after the wolf stalking their village. She watched from the rooftop of her home as her family were slain by the wolf that later marked her on her arm so that it could later find her and turn her. Eventually her ability of transforming into the wolf wore off close to old age, leaving Granny with residual heightened senses. When her thirteen-year-old granddaughter Red begins to change into the wolf, Granny protects her from the burden of what she is by buying a magical red cloak that would keep her from changing as long as she wears it and also locking her safely away in their cottage during wolf-time.

In Storybrooke, Granny owns a bed and breakfast that she is trying to groom Ruby to one day take over.

Red / Ruby

Red lives in a cottage with her grandmother in a village threatened by a cunningly vicious wolf. During wolf-time she is forced by Granny to stay inside their home and wear a red cloak that she is told repels the wolf. While doing her daily chores she discovers Snow White trying to steal their eggs and offers her a place to stay. She later confides in Snow about being in love with a boy named Peter and decides the only way for them to be together is to track down the wolf and kill it.

While tracking the wolf in the day, she and Snow discover that the creature is also human and mistakenly determines that the wolf-man is Peter. Unaware that she is in fact the wolf, Red lures Peter away to inform him of the discovery and chain him to a tree to keep him from harms way. Having left her cloak behind, which actually keeps her from transforming; Red turns into the wolf and kills the defenseless Peter. She is found by Snow and Granny who wrap her in her cloak and usher her off into the woods before the hunting party can find her.

In Storybrooke, Ruby lives and works for her grandmother at the family owned bed and breakfast. Feeling caged in and controlled, Red quits her job to pursue a life outside of town and accepts an offer to stay at Mary Margaret’s while she figures things out. Emma offers her a job after witnessing her phone-etiquette skills and she uses her heightened senses to help on a case. But when developments in the case become grotesque, Ruby returns to her grandmother with newfound respect and maturity.

Jiminy Cricket / Archie Hopper

Jiminy Cricket is a man traveling with his morally corrupt parents, staging puppet shows and swindling the locals of their wealth. He meets a young boy named Geppetto who inspires him to finally pursue his desire of ridding himself of his parents and the life of crime he’s leading. While exchanging stolen goods with Rumpelstiltskin for gold thread, Jiminy acquires a potion that will rid him of his parents for good once he’s sprinkled it on them.

After his parents swindle a young couple of all their possessions, Jiminy is fed up and throws the potion at his parents only to discover that they’d switched the potion with an identical bottle of harmless water and given it to the young couple they’d just left. Jiminy rushes in to save the couple but finds that they’ve been turned into puppets and is confronted by their son, the young boy Geppetto. Horrified at what happened, Jiminy seeks the help of the Blue Fairy who informs him that the spell cannot be undone but grants his wish to become a cricket so that he may watch over Geppetto and guide him through the many hardships he will later face, thus also helping Jiminy to finally gain his freedom from his parents.

In Storybrooke, Archie Hopper is Henry’s therapist hired by his mother Regina when he begins telling people that fairy-tales are real and that the townspeople are put under an evil curse.


Belle is the daughter of Sir Maurice, the ruler of a village threatened by a new rise of ogre wars. After Sir Maurice sends word to Rumpelstiltskin for help, he agrees to protect them from the war in exchange for taking Belle. In a desire to protect the village, Belle agrees to the arrangement and goes off with him to his castle where he locks her away in a dungeon; eventually she is let out and assigned household duties. During her stay in the castle, Belle grows closer to Rumpelstiltskin and begins to fall in love with him but decides to leave him anyway when she is allowed to go into town.

While traveling on the road, Belle is approached by Queen Regina who convinces her that all spells can be broken with a kiss and so Belle returns to the castle. Upon kissing Rumpelstiltskin and seeing evidence of his curse being broken, Rumpelstiltskin become angry and accuses her of being in cohorts with the Queen. He locks her away in the dungeon before finally kicking her out of the castle but not before she calls him a coward for refusing love.

In Storybrooke she is locked away in a mental ward by Regina. She is later freed by Jefferson who tells her to find Mr. Gold for protection and tell him that Regina was the one who locked her away; she agrees confusedly. When she does find Mr. Gold he is stunned to see her and agrees to protect her. On the way to the town’s wishing well Belle receives her memories and professes her love to him which he reciprocates. He then drops the true love potion into the wishing well to bring magic back.

Grumpy / Leroy

A dwarf is hatched from his egg early and awakens with the image of a clumsy fairy named Nova on his mind after she accidentally spills magic fairy dust on his egg. He works in the mines with seven other dwarfs, collecting the rocks that turn into magic fairy dust, and is given the name Dreamy from an axe that brands itself with the name upon his touch. Dreamy meets Nova and after helping to save her fairy-dust from being incinerated he falls in love with her. After he confides in the other dwarfs about his feelings, he is told that dwarfs do not fall in love and that he must be dreaming.

The conversation is overheard by Belle and after listening to Dreamy describes his interactions with Nova she deems them both to be in love and encourages him to go after her. Dreamy goes to meet Nova and the two talk about running away together but when Dreamy tries to make good on their plan he is waylaid by Bossy and the Blue Fairy. The Blue Fairy tells Dreamy that he is not in love but dreaming and that by pursuing his dream he’ll be preventing the dreams of others including Nova’s who will lose her wings.

With this new info, Dreamy meets up with Nova and encourages her to stay on her path to become a fairy-godmother. The next time he picks up his axe it doesn’t work and breaks in his hand causing him to receive a new one that brands itself Grumpy.

Leroy is Storybrooke’s town drunk. During miner’s day preparations he meets a nun, Astrid, and is immediately taken with her. After learning that Astrid and the other nuns would be kicked out of their home by their proprietor Mr. Gold if they cannot pay the rent, Leroy promises to sell one thousand candles and teams up with Mary Margaret to do so. After failing to sell any candles, Leroy makes one last attempt to save the day by cutting power to the festival and forcing the residents to buy candles.

Hansel & Gretel / Nicholas & Ava

While chopping wood with their father, Hansel and Gretel are separated from him when he is captured by Queen Regina’s guards. When looking for their father, the children are approached by Regina who offers to help them find him if they steal back a black leather satchel from a blind witch that lives in a candy house. Regina advises them to enter the house at night when the blind witch is asleep and warns them to not eat anything once they are inside.

When the children enter the house, Hansel takes a bite of a cupcake while Gretel is retrieving the satchel and the two are captured by the blind witch who awakens. While preparing to cook the children, the blind witch is tricked by Gretel who pushes her into the oven and escapes with her brother.

Regina, who was monitoring their progress on her magic mirror, sent a ball of fire through the mirror and burned the witch alive. When Hansel and Gretel return the satchel to Regina, the contents of which contained a magic apple, Regina offers them a place in her kingdom as her adopted children but the two refuse in want of their father. Angry at their rejection, Regina teleports them away before summoning their father to determine the reason they refused her. Not understanding the love the family have for each other she sends the father away to wonder the land without his lost children.

In Storybrooke, Nicholas and Ava are two homeless children living in an abandoned house after their mother’s death. After the two uses Henry to try to steal supplies from a store, Emma, the Sheriff, is brought in to handle the situation. When she discovers the children’s situation, Emma vows to find their biological father so that the two will not have to enter the foster system and be separated.

With the help of Mr. Gold, Emma finds their father Michael Tillman working as a mechanic and upon learning that he has children he wants nothing to do with them. With no other choice but to turn the kids over to child services in Boston, Emma gathers the kids in her car but the car stops before they reach the edge of town and she calls for a tow truck. When Michael Tillman arrives and sees his children for the first time he changes his mind and accepts responsibility for them.

Cinderella / Ashley

On the night of the ball, a fairy-godmother appears to Cinderella and offers to give her a better life by getting her to the ball to meet the Prince but before she could wave her magic wand, the fairy-godmother is blown up by Rumpelstiltskin who takes her wand. Dismayed at what he’d done, Cinderella convinces Rumpelstiltskin to fulfill the task the fairy-godmother had promised and signs his contract in exchange for something precious. Cinderella goes to the ball and falls in love with Prince Thomas; during the celebration of their marriage she is approached by Rumpelstiltskin who reminds her of their deal and informs her that he would be taking her first born child.

Guilt-ridden at what she had done, Cinderella confesses to Prince Thomas about the deal and he vows to not let Rumpelstiltskin have their baby. The couple seeks the help of Prince Charming and together they trap Rumpelstiltskin with a spell but as soon as they do Prince Thomas disappears and Rumpelstiltskin declares that Cinderella will not get her Prince back as long as she has her baby.

In Storybrooke, Ashley is a single pregnant teenager working as a maid with the conflict of rather or not to keep her baby. After a conversation with Emma on the very subject, Ashley makes the decision to keep her child and tries to steal a contract she’d made for the adoption of her baby with Mr. Gold but is caught in the act and attacks him to escape.

When trying to flee town, Ashley gets into a car accident and is found in labor on the side of the road by Emma who takes her to the hospital. At the hospital, Emma makes a new deal with Mr. Gold for Ashley to keep her baby and Ashley’s boyfriend, Thomas Herman, shows up to be with her and the baby. Ashley and Thomas move in together and Thomas gets a job so that he can provide for the three of them. On Valentine’s Day, Thomas proposes to Ashley and she accepts.

Pinocchio / August W. Booth

While traveling at sea with his father Geppetto, Pinocchio decides to sacrifice himself by allowing Geppetto to have the last life preserver while the two are being stalked by a giant whale. Geppetto washes ashore safely to discover Pinocchio a few feet away from him unconscious but all is saved when the Blue Fairy appears to make Pinocchio a real boy. Pinocchio is told that he would stay a real boy as long as he remains honest, brave and selfless.

Pinocchio and Geppetto are visited again by the Blue Fairy when all of fairy-tale land is threatened by Regina’s curse and the Blue Fairy asks Geppetto to make a wardrobe that would protect Emma using the same magical tree that was used to carve Pinocchio. After realizing the effects of the curse, Geppetto decides to bargain with the Blue Fairy so that Pinocchio can be the second passenger through the wardrobe and convinces her to lie to Snow White and Prince Charming about how many could go through. The plan changes when Snow goes into early labor and the Blue Fairy tells Geppetto that he must inform Snow so that she can accompany Emma to protect her but Geppetto does not and sends Pinocchio through the wardrobe instead.

Transported to the real world, Pinocchio awaits Emma’s arrival and takes her to a diner. To protect her identity he lies to the authorities about where he found her, telling them he found her on the side of the highway whether than that they’d burst through a tree. While in foster care Pinocchio looks after Emma until given the chance to run away with a few other foster kids who won’t allow him to take Emma.

August decides to head to Storybrooke after starting to transform back into a puppet at 8:15, the same time Emma decided to stay in town and time started to move again. To help Emma to believe in her destiny he stole Henry’s book and added his own story to the pages. He reveals to Henry that he knows the stories in his book are real and that he’s in town to help Emma believe.

With the help of Henry who distracts Mr. Gold, August searches Mr. Gold’s office for the dagger that holds power over him and is caught. He smooth talks his way out of it but arouses Mr. Gold’s suspicion who starts to pay more attention to him. Believing August to be his son Baelfire, Mr. Gold shows August where he buried the dagger but after August tries to use the dagger to control him Mr. Gold quickly realizes that August is not his son and becomes angry. Mr. Gold threatens to kill August but August reveals that he is dying anyway and that he wanted the dagger because he was hoping that magic could save him and Emma wasn’t believing fast enough to break the curse.

August decides to try again to get Emma to believe and confesses to her that he was the seven-year-old boy who’d found her all those years ago and he takes her to the woods where they’d arrived. He tells her that he’s Pinocchio and that she has to save the whole town but not wanting the responsibility Emma chooses to not believe him.

August decides to live his last days with his father Geppetto who is Marcus in Storybrooke.

The Mad Hatter / Jefferson

Jefferson, the Mad Hatter, arrives home from playing in the woods with his daughter Grace to find that Queen Regina is in their home. After telling Grace to stay in the woods, Jefferson goes inside and learns that Regina wants him to perform one last favor in which he takes her to Wonderland so that she may retrieve something taken from her. But Jefferson refuses and cites the lost of Grace’s mother as the reason he’d stopped performing such tasks.

Not taking ‘no’ for an answer, Regina disguises herself as an old vendor and refuses to sell Jefferson a stuffed rabbit he wants for Grace for less than the price she had asked for. Feeling like less of a father because he couldn’t buy his daughter something she wanted, Jefferson visits Regina in her castle and agrees to help her. He uses a magical hat to transport them to a room full of doors and warns Regina that the same number of people who enter must be the same number that exits before the two of them go through the looking glass.

Once in Wonderland, Jefferson leads Regina to the Queen of Hearts’ maze where Regina breaks into a vault and steals a box. They are nearly caught when trying to leave but successfully evade capture before heading back to the looking glass where Regina double crosses Jefferson. It turns out, Regina’s father Henry was what was stolen from her and after freeing him from the imprisonment of the box, the two of them enter through the looking glass and trap Jefferson in Wonderland.

Jefferson is captured and taken to the Queen of Hearts who wants to know how he came to Wonderland but Jefferson tries to make a deal to go home in exchange for the knowledge. The Queen of Hearts has him beheaded and offers to have his body sewn back together for the information. When Jefferson tells her that it was a hat, she declares that he makes another one as it is the only way he’ll see his daughter again but no matter how many hats Jefferson makes, he can’t make it work without magic.

In Storybrooke, Jefferson is one of the few characters to remember his fairy-tale life. He had been trapped in his mansion, living the same day over and over again until Emma’s arrival to town prompted the clock to start moving. After spying Mary-Margaret escaping from jail through one of his many telescopes, Jefferson tracks her down in the woods and kidnaps her.

He then returns to the woods to walk the road where he is found and nearly run over by Emma who’d gone looking for Mary-Margaret. Jefferson plays the hapless victim and lures Emma back to his mansion where he gives her a drugged tea. When Emma awakens and discovers Mary-Margaret, he stops their escape attempt and orders Emma to tie Mary-Margaret back to the chair she’d freed her from.

Jefferson takes Emma into another room that is filled with hats and tells her that he remembers everything about the fairy-tale world and berates her for not believing. He informs her that he knows that she is special and has magic and he wants her to make a hat so that he can go back home. He shows her his daughter Grace, who is named Paige in the real world, through one of his telescopes and informs her that the fairy-tale world is the only place they can be together.

But Emma doesn’t believe him and attacks him with the telescope to get away. Jefferson goes to attack Emma after she frees Mary-Margaret but is thrown out of the window by Mary-Margaret where he disappears into thin air, only leaving his hat to be found.

Jefferson pops up again when Regina requests his presence by leaving a ‘white rabbit’ card on the back of Grace’s bicycle. She gives him back his hat and offers to give him a little magic to get it to work again if he’d help her to get rid of Emma. Jefferson agrees in exchange that she’d make him forget, giving him and Grace a fresh start. The two uses the hat to retrieve the remainder of the poisoned apple Regina had given Snow White.

Jefferson later approaches Regina at Henry’s bedside at the hospital so that she can hold up her end of their bargain but Regina refuses as it wasn’t Emma who ate the apple turnover. Angry at Regina, Jefferson frees Belle from the mental ward and tells her to find Mr. Gold for protection and let him know that Regina locked her away.

Prince Phillip

Left behind by the curse that swept the Enchanted Forest, Prince Phillip (along with many others) was frozen in time until time started moving again in coincidence with Emma’s arrival to Storybrooke. With the help of Mulan, he rescues Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) from a deep sleep with true love’s kiss and almost immediately after the rescue the three are attacked by a Wraith—a creature that collect’s the soul of the person who is marked. Prince Phillip becomes marked when he picks up the medallion the Wraith left behind and later decides to sacrifice himself to the Wraith to make sure the two Princesses are safe.

Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Was placed under a sleeping spell by Maleficent and awakened to discover that twenty-eight years had passed and that the curse that had swept the Enchanted Forest had, for some reason unknown, left her little corner of the land untouched. A little perturbed at the idea of her Prince Phillip traveling with Mulan for so long, she confronts Mulan on her affections for the Prince when they discover him missing and Mulan is determined to save him. But Prince Phillip doesn’t want to be saved and the two Princesses must stand by as he sacrifices himself to the Wraith to keep them from harm.


Traveled for many years with Prince Phillip and fought alongside him on his quest to save Princess Aurora; in the process she fell in love with him. However, she stands back as he awakens Princess Aurora with true love’s kiss and helps him try to keep her safe despite her own feelings. When she discovers that Prince Phillip had been marked by the Wraith and abandoned them to keep them safe she goes after him only to watch him sacrifice his life to keep her and Princess Aurora safe.


After leaving the round table, he came to work for King George and helped to kidnap Snow in an ambush. However, when King George placed a curse on Snow that will keep her from bearing children, Lancelot felt horrible and vowed to help her.


Wife of Rumpelstiltskin, Milah becomes disgusted with her husband after he deserts his duty in the ogre wars. While in a bar she falls in love with Captain Killian as he regales her with tales of his life at sea and decides to run away with him; leaving Rumpelstiltskin to believe that she had been kidnapped. She comes face-to-face with Rumpelstiltskin again after he becomes the Dark One and has her heart ripped out by him when he learns the truth of her disappearance.

Killian Jones (Captain Hook)

After meeting Milah in a bar, Killian regales her with tales of his life at sea and the two of them fall in love with each other. He brings her along on his ship and challenges Rumpelstiltskin to a duel when he comes along to get her back; but Rumpelstiltskin is too cowardly to engage. Years later, he has the misfortune to cross paths with Rumpelstiltskin again when he is the Dark One and is challenged to a duel with him. Milah arrives to save him, offering Rumpelstiltskin the magic bean he was after in exchange for their lives but in the end Rumpelstiltskin is too enraged at the couple for what they’d done and he kills Milah by ripping her heart out. When Killian refuses to give Rumpelstiltskin the magic bean Rumpelstiltskin chops off his hand, not knowing that Killian had tricked him and still had possession of it. Killian uses the magic bean to travel to Neverland where he would never grow old and he can plot his revenge on Rumpelstiltskin.

William (Smee)

William has the talent to find and procure any object. He offers to procure Rumpelstiltskin a magic bean in exchange for immortality but settles for youth instead. However, his plan goes south when imprisoned by Captain Killian who refuses him the magic bean but offers him a place on his deck and a ride to a land where he would never grow old.

In Storybrooke, William is hired by Moe French/Sir Maurice to find his daughter Belle. When it is discovered that Belle is in love with Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin, William is given the task of sending Belle over the town’s border so that she will forget him.

Dr. Frankenstein / Dr. Whale

Dr. Frankenstein was brought to the Enchanted Forest from another land by Jefferson to bring Regina’s fiancé Daniel back to life. With a heart from Cora’s vault, he performs the ceremony but fails to bring back Daniel, claiming that the heart was not strong enough. In truth, he had made a deal with Rumpelstiltskin to get Regina’s hopes up and as a reward he keeps the heart to take back to his land where he uses it in an operation.

In Storybrooke, Dr. Whale works at the local hospital and is a bit of a womanizer. After gaining his memories back, Dr. Whale finally performs the operation to bring Daniel back correctly in the hopes that Regina would give him a portal back to his land.

Neal Cassady

A fellow thief, Neal meets Emma when she steals a car he had already stolen. Enamored with each other, the two team up in their thievery and begin to plan a life together. However, Neal becomes accosted by August who had been keeping track of Emma and convinces Neal of Emma’s destiny. Not wanting to stand in the way, Neal sets Emma up as the fall guy to a crime he committed so that she can follow her destiny and makes August promise to look after her and send him a postcard when the curse is broken.

Antoine (the Giant)

Antoine is the smallest of his brothers in his land and is constantly teased because of it. Feeling as though he doesn’t fit in, he climbs down the beanstalk and encounters Prince James and his companion Jacklyn, also known as Jack. The two befriend him and Jack gives him a mushroom from Wonderland so that he can shriek down to their size and fit in more. While sharing drinks in a pub, Jack informs Antoine that Prince James is in debt and that the Kingdom will be in danger unless he can repay the debt. Wanting to make a home in the Kingdom, Antoine offers to give them some of his treasure from home. Unbeknownst to Antoine, Prince Charming and Jack follow him up the beanstalk and proceeds to kill all of his family in an attempt to steal their beans. Arlo, Antoine’s father, tasks him with the responsibility of destroying all of the beans so that humans cannot get their hands on them. After returning from his task Antoine finds Arlo wounded from a poisoned sword and is given a seed that will grow more beans when he finds new land. Arlo dies and Antoine is left alone in his land.

Many years later, Antoine encounters Emma and Hook in his treasure room in their search for the magic compass but is wittingly trapped by Emma in his pursuit of her. After Emma finally convinces him that she means him no harm, the two become semi-friends and he agrees to let her go and eventually Hook after Emma gets a head start.

At some point he is kidnapped by Cora who shrinks him down to size and brought along on the ship to Storybrooke where he sees David and immediately mistakes him for his twin brother Prince James. But after trying to seek vengeance and nearly dying, Antoine realizes David is who he says he is when he risks his life to save him.

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