Once Upon a Time star Josh Dallas has given a few different interviews where he speaks about season 2, new characters and working with Ginnifer Goodwin.

Dallas appeared on Good Day LA a few days ago, where he talked about Thor, Doctor Who and Once Upon a Time:

In the video, Dallas talks about his years acting in the U.K. and “feeling like a hick,” how he landed a role in Thor (though he sadly won’t be in the sequel).

While in England, Dallas made a cameo on Doctor Who as a face computer in the episode “Silence in the Library,” which they discuss a little bit as well. On coming to America and joining Once Upon a Time, he says that he thought it was a very unique project, and really wanted to be a part of reinventing these classic fairytale characters – like Gus Gus, who they mentioned, and it broke our hearts a little bit! But that’s the beauty of this show, Dallas says, that it really can go anywhere and you never know what to expect.

He also spoke to E! Online about season 2, revealing that the reunion between Charming and Snow is close – and that Cora will also find her way to the real world! He says that David will, “find a way to get them back into Storybrooke and into their life, but then it’s about how they move on with their relationship.”

It is going to be a difficult transition for Charming and Snow, after 28 years apart, so once we see the pair back together, we’ll see them, “rediscovering each other again and whether or not they want to stay in Storybrooke.” Dallas also muses that Charming wants to find a way back to fairytale land; “back to their kingdom, the one that they fought for, the one that they love.”

On Charming’s relationship with Emma, Dallas says, “I think he doesn’t want to push the parental thing with her very much. He wants to kind of stay back and find out who she is as a woman.”

Finally, check out this video interview with Dallas and co-stars Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison from last night’s AMA Awards:

The cast talk about their love of Once Upon a Time, “playing fairytale characters running through the woods,” and all the fun characters that pop up like Hook and Rumpelstiltskin. Jennifer Morrison then recounts the time when she made an off-hand comment about George Clooney and it blew up in the media. Josh Dallas reveals that his celebrity crush is Audrey Hepburn, and Ginnifer Goodwin goes with Paul Newman.

Once Upon a Time returns next Sunday with 2×07 “Into the Deep.”

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