Read what Meghan Ory can tease about the Once Upon a Time episode “Child of the Moon,” in which Ruby has a problem with her wolf side.

The Huffington Post has spoken to Ory, who once again takes center stage on Once Upon a Time for her second flashback episode, which airs tomorrow night!

Setting up the episode, Ory teases, “It’s the first full moon after the curse is broken, and Ruby is very much aware that she may or may not turn into a wolf again.” Then, when a Storybrooke resident is found brutally murdered, she worries that she actually did the crime while in wolf form.

Red’s flashback story is, “picking up where we ended last year, so we’re very close after Red and Snow run off after Red discovers that she is a wolf and she’s eaten Peter and the townspeople are after her.” In this episode, we’ll see how Red begins to come to terms with being a wolf, and what she does when she comes into contact with a wolf pack. “Being with other wolves is definitely going to help her figure out how it is to be a wolf,” Ory reveals.

The leader of the pack is a wolf named Anita (played by Annabeth Gish), who Ory describes as, “a very strong, beautiful, mysterious woman who is the leader of this wolf pack, and she helps Red in her time of need, when she needs it most, and it’s very interesting, their dynamic together.”

In the interview, Ory also says that we can expect to see more of the Ruby/Charming friendship, and also a development between Ruby and Belle, who have an “interesting connection.”

As far as romance goes, Ory says that the question we have to ask ourselves is whether Ruby is ready to open herself up to love again. But the character element she’s most interested in exploring is Ruby’s history with Rumpelstiltskin. In the pilot, the pair shared a moment, “and Robert Carlyle and I have speculated on what’s behind that and we don’t know and we would like to find out,” Ory says. “He gets around, that Gold.”

Finally, Ory has also spoken about the episode to TV Line, and she doesn’t reveal much new information, except to elaborate on her relationship with Charming. She says, “I think they have a very special relationship, because of Red’s relationship with Snow. I see Charming as a sort of brother figure to her. He’s the younger brother sometimes, and sometimes he’s the older brother. I like when they write that.”

(For SwanHook (or CaptainSwan or whatever they’re called) shippers, also note that Ory referred to the pair’s “romance” in this interview. Hmm interesting.)

Once Upon a Time 2×07 “Child of the Moon” airs tomorrow night at 8/7c on ABC!

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