In a new interview, Once Upon a Time‘s Mother Superior (Blue Fairy) Keegan Connor Tracy talks about her role in season 2.

Speaking to The Snipe News about her new A&E series Bates Motel, Tracy also touches on her Once Upon a Time part. It may be small (no pun intended) but the Blue Fairy has definitely made an impression on viewers.

Speaking about the character, she says, “She’s kind of like the pope, but like old-school. Remember back in the time when the church, and the popes, and the Vatican, they were really really powerful on the grid, differently powerful, than kings and queens, and I think think this the same thing as the Blue Fairy. They’re in sort of a separate category of power.”

However, “no one who has power wants to relinquish it, and that is something that as an actor I want to explore, and we’ll see what happens now that magic is in the city. And I think the Blue Fairy wants her place in the sun again.”

She also speculates about why Once Upon a Time is such a success, saying that at this point in time, people “can’t afford to go out and they can’t afford to get divorced sometimes. [But] this is like romance and fantasy and fairy tales.”

Once Upon a Time returns next week with the episode “Into the Deep.”

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