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‘Once Upon a Time’ season 6, episode 10 villain of the week

The Once Upon a Time season 6 winter finale introduces a new contender, but can she win against a fan favorite for the honor of Villain of the Week?

Once Upon a Time‘s villains in the season 6 winter finale both utilize alternate realities to push their agenda. One felt death approaching, while the other stole a new life and made him a weapon.

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And the winner is…

The Evil Queen may be a snake in Storybrooke, but she is once again our Villain of the Week in Once Upon a Time season 6, episode 10. It was a tight race between this classic villain versus the newcomer, the Black Fairy. But the Evil Queen’s mission to destroy the Savior pushed her ahead of the pack. Plus, her advances on Aladdin were… well, they were a bit off-putting to say the least.

Best Quote

Best Interaction with a Hero

Granny’s diner is a great setting for hero and villain showdowns. The darkness of the room, the linoleum floors, the possibility of sneak attacks from the back entrance all add to the tense atmosphere. The Evil Queen lures the hero gang to the diner with Jasmine as her hostage and, as Kitsis’ script tease dubs it, “vaders” her.

This is a classic Evil Queen diversion and one that never gets old. The long lead into her master plan reveals Emma’s true colors — she will always be the Savior when she allows her instincts to take over. In the moments that follow, the Evil Queen wishes away Emma’s identity and sends her into an alternate reality.

Okay, that part of the wish leaves a bit too much wiggle room for my liking. Breaking Emma out of her stupor was a cake-walk. However, the plot needs to keep moving somehow! Plus, any excuse to keep Once Upon a Time in the alternate reality business is okay by me.

Top 3 Evil Actions

  1. Wishing Emma was not the Savior anymore
  2. Flaunting that her desires all came true
  3. Turning to the Dark One for help (which, luckily, fails)

Question of the week: Should the Evil Queen be killed?

Now that we have the power to hurt the Evil Queen and spare Regina, should we look to the heroes to use it? Sure, she has caused quite a stir in Storybrooke and done some irreparable damage. But, she is very much a part of Regina. Do we support the notion that Regina without the Evil Queen is still a complete person?

At the start of Once Upon a Time season 6, I felt that Regina without the Evil Queen somewhere deep inside was somehow a lesser version of Regina. I still believe that. Regina acts on instincts that skew evil in this season, but I only believe that is true because the two are still connected in some way.

Once Upon a Time 6x05 evil sisters

By killing the Evil Queen we are forever removing the opportunity for Regina to use that lure of the darkness to make herself stronger. Regina is stronger with the Evil Queen. In my opinion, her past does not drag her down; it makes her who she is.

Honorable Mention:

Tip of the hat to the Black Fairy. We still do not know much about this being, but she reserved a seat at the villain table with her actions this week. In “Changelings,” we discover that she is not only the mother of Rumpelstiltskin, but the first person to abandon him. She did not even grant him a name.

Now, she is ambushing fairies and taking Rumpel and Belle’s son to another world where time moves at an alarming pace. As we head into hiatus, we have one small question left for the Black Fairy — why?

Let us know what you think of The Evil Queen inching ahead of the Black Fairy! And be sure to check back each week in the spring to vote for your favorite villain!

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Once Upon a Time season 6 returns spring 2017 on ABC.

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