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‘Once Upon a Time’ season 4 decoded: What about that scroll?

Once Upon a Time‘s promo for next week’s episode, “Family Business,” offered a look at a mysterious scroll. Find out the translation here!

Thanks to Hypable’s own Onceable podcast team, last night’s promo has one less mystery lurking within it. However, the solution to the mysterious language may raise more questions than answer them!

According to the deductive work of Hypable staff member, Karen Rought, the scroll that appears in Hook’s hands translates to the following:

Once Upon a Time scroll season 4

My search will continue to the ends of the earth

One thing I know for sure:

The name of the Savior is Emma

The Savior shall be my sister

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The family must be complete…

On second thought, this scroll definitely yields more questions than answers. Sounding almost like a prophecy, the scroll is not very specific when it comes to who it is talking about. However, it does make a point to mention that the Savior will be named Emma and she will be the sister to whomever the passage refers, boy or girl.

Here is some food for thought: In the early flashbacks it almost appears as if Lily, or Lilith, wanted Emma to serve as a surrogate sister in crime to her. The star marking on her wrist will most likely come back to prove that she and Emma are connected in some way. If not by blood, then perhaps by another force. Could the Snow Queen have been serving as a surrogate in order to find Emma transported to the human world and connect her with Lily thereby completing her family?

On Once Upon a Time if there is one thing we are never certain of, it is a family tree!

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Watch the full promo for ‘Family Business’ here:

A few other noteworthy moments occur in the promo as well. First and foremost, Elsa will ditch her frosty blue gown and be seen in her coronation outfit. Of course the scene will offer more than an outfit change for the Queen of Arendelle. What will become of the sisters when Anna reveals the information she took back from her rendezvous with Rumpelstiltskin?

Another interesting question regards the trust issues in Belle and Gold’s marriage. In the promo Belle wields the dagger, but did Gold have the opportunity to make the switch before she is forced to use it? With Hook’s threat wearing thin on him, Mr. Gold’s current preoccupation with his powerful new hat, blinds him to the fact that his wife may start to become suspicious. We suspect Belle catches a whiff of the alliance he has with the Snow Queen or even his connection to Anna and Elsa. After all, Belle does wind up with Anna in a treacherous situation next week.

Watch Once Upon a Time season 4, episode 6, “Family Business,” Sunday, November 2 at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

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