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‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 character wishlist

With Once Upon a Time season 3 now officially in the works, we couldn’t resist drawing up another list of characters we’d love to see on the show.

We’ve had iconic characters like Snow White and Prince Charming, fan-favorites like the Mad Hatter and the Huntsman, and wicked villains like the Evil Queen and Rumpelstiltskin. But the universe of Once Upon a Time seems to be boundless, especially with the addition of characters like the literary icon Dr. Frankenstein.

So, anything could happen in Once Upon a Time season 3, particularly after that season 2 finale. We have no idea where the creators will take Once Upon a Time season 3, but we’re aiming for the stars in our latest character wishlist. (Read our first and second one to see our previous choices.)


The Princess and the Frog Tiana

Tiana is one of the newer princesses, but when she came twirling onto the scene in The Princess and the Frog, she certainly made an impression. She’s a hard working, no-nonsense type of gal, and we’d love to see her feature in Once Upon a Time season 3. Because her story is based so heavily in New Orleans, perhaps she can be a fairy tale character that ended up outside of Storybrooke and has come to make a new life amongst people from her old world. We definitely see her butting heads with care-free characters like Ruby.

Long John Silver

Treasure Island Long John Silver

Because you can never have too many pirates. We wouldn’t be opposed if LJS got a sexy makeover like Hook did, and it would certainly fill the current vacancy of Morally Questionable Pirate now that Hook seems to have finally gone over the good side. Besides, this could be a fun way to introduce a quest of some sort that ends in buried treasure. Perhaps Henry could even fulfill the role of Jim Hawkins!


Brave Merida

Given the recent drama over Merida’s redesign, we’d love to see a spunky, red-headed, “I’ll do as I please” type of girl walk into the OUAT universe. After everything that’s been going on, she should be given the treatment she deserves, with no effort to make her anything she’s not. She could be a lot to handle for our favorite characters, but we could also see her being a major asset to the team.

Shere Khan

The Jungle Book Shere Khan

Shere Khan has the possibility of being an amazing addition to the show, as they could take this character in a few different directions. Should he be a live tiger? A CGI tiger? Or should he be personified a la Rumpelstiltskin as the crocodile? While we’d love to see either of the first two choices, we’re not sure they’d fit into the budget for a show like Once Upon a Time, unless he ended up being a one-shot character. Instead, it would be great to see Shere Khan as a sneaky and revengeful man intent on vengeance against one of our heroes.

The White Witch

Chronicles of Narnia The White Witch

We love the idea of adding more literary characters to the show, and the White Witch would certainly give both Regina and Rumpel a run for their money in the villain category. She’s crafty and patient, and doesn’t always rely on just intimidation to get the job done. (Turkish Delight, anyone?) Besides, how awesome would it be if we found out Narnia was one of the magical lands our heroes could travel to?


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Alice

Okay, we admit it — this one is kind of cheating. We know we’re sort of getting Alice already because of the spinoff series Once Upon a Time in Wonderland that just got picked up for a full season. This version of Alice, pictured left, is going to be an intriguing one, and we can’t wait to see what kind of spin the creators put on her. As for the original show, we’d love to see her drop in from time to time!

Cruella de Vil

101 Dalmations Cruella de Vil

She may not be super powerful like the Evil Queen or the Dark One, but Cruella is rich and crazy, and that’s never a good combination. While having a preference for Dalmatian fur coats wouldn’t be quite as creepy as it was in the film, we could see the writers going in a whole new direction with her. Perhaps she’ll have a vendetta against werewolves and make it her personal mission to wipe them off the face of the planet and take their pelts as a prize. Ruby could be in big trouble!

Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell Peter Pan

If you’ve been listening to Hypable’s Once Upon a Time podcast Onceable, you’ll know the hosts are kind of gunning for a Dark!Tink story line. Since the writers put such an interesting spin on Peter Pan, it’s definitely not out of the realm of possibility, and seeing as the first few episodes of season 3 appear to be Neverland-centric, we’re seriously hoping to catch a glimpse or two of the fairy. Given how powerful someone like the Blue Fairy is, we think Tink would be a formiddable opponent. Maybe we’ll even see Mother Superior go head to head with her next season!


Tangled Rapunzel

Tangled was a fantastic movie, and a lot of life-long Disney fans fell in love with this version of Rapunzel right away. She’s sweet and innocent, but also adventurous and inquisitive. We’d love to see a Once Upon a Time version that instilled a similar sort of personality in her. We’re not sure a plot line close to the movie would work in the OUAT universe, but we have faith the creators could surprise us and make us fall in love with Rapunzel much like we’ve fallen in love with Belle, Ruby, and the others.

Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde

This is another literary character we would love to see on the show, especially a young and handsome Dr. Jekyll that no one suspects of being a monster. Ruby certainly knows that feeling, and perhaps this will be her chance to find love again. A brilliant Dr. Jekyll could be a major ally for our heroes, but the possibility of Mr. Hyde surfacing will always be there, under the surface, ready to cause havoc and foil all of their best plans.

So, there you have it! We’ve listed 10 characters we’d love to see on Once Upon a Time season 3, ranging from princesses to villains and fairies to literary icons. What are your thoughts? Are you interested in seeing any of our choices next season?

Who do YOU really want to see on ‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3?

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