The Once Upon a Time season 2 promo is finally here, showing how the Storybrooke residents react to the return of magic and their memories, and teasing epic fairytale revelations!

As many fans expected, the trailer was released last night during the ABC marathon of Once Upon a Time. While we have seen small teaser trailers before showing Hook and Prince Phillip, this is the first proper glimpse of season 2 we’ve seen so far:

In the promo, which shows a lot of what will set up the premiere episode “Broken,” we see the aftermath of magic enveloping Storybrooke and revealing to the residents who they used to be. But after the initial happy reunion, Ruby asks, “So what do we do now?” and it seems to be the main question to set up the season.

Regina of course is overjoyed at the return of her power and we see her making to attack a group of characters – but as we know, the magic is not quite the same as in fairytale land, so we wonder if that attack will go as she’d planned!

In a fairytale flashback, we see an interesting pairing: Sleeping Beauty (played by Sarah Bolger), who we have only seen with her Prince Phillip, is in the woods with Jamie Chung’s Mulan! That definitely sets up a great dynamic, considering that the two characters represent two very different types of female protagonists: Sleeping Beauty had to lie helpless in a castle for 100 years until her prince saved her, while Mulan is the epitome of girl power.

Back in Storybrooke, we catch up with Rumpelstiltskin and Belle, who tells him, “Promise me you won’t give into your hate.” Considering that Emilie de Ravin is now a regular, will we see Belle as Rumpel’s personal Jiminy Cricket this year?

There will be battles happening both in fairytale land and in Storybrooke, and we see flashes of a young Regina, Red in wolf form, and Prince Phillip. And we’re pretty sure we spot Archie Hopper towards the beginning, which indicates that magical creatures will keep their human appearance.

What did you think about this promo?! So many great bits of information revealed, and it only makes us even more excited for season 2 of Once Upon a Time, which premieres on September 30!

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