Once Upon a Time rang in a new curse with a musical wedding extravaganza. Which song was your favorite? Vote here!

Once you get through the awkward transition to the musical cues of Once Upon a Time‘s “The Song in Your Heart,” you almost forget that the show is not a musical every week. From the Charming’s adorable love song to the Evil Queen’s rockin’ hit, everyone brought their A-game.

Who knew the Captain of the Jolly Roger could move with such grace? (Even if Colin O’Donoghue broke his foot during the filming of that scene 😳.)

And although the reasoning behind the musical — Emma has the song of her past in her heart! — is a bit of a stretch, the episode was delightful. Now as we head into an uncertain future for our heroes, let’s enjoy a brief reprieve as we try to get these songs out of our heads!

Read our analysis of each and then vote or your favorite in our poll below!

Snow and Charming’s Song: ‘Powerful Magic’

Did you cringe as the music began? All of that awkwardness faded when David storms in the room crooning his first long note. But the Charmings number spoke to their characters– delightful, in love, and searching for a happily ever after for their child.

They continue to give us hope and that is all we need.

The Evil Queen’s Song ‘Love Doesn’t Stand A Chance’

Is this the most fun we’ve seen Lana Parrilla have with the Evil Queen? She is snapping necks, tormenting the townsfolk, and, it seems, having a grand time. And while her entrance into Gepetto’s workshop was a bit… sexual, we reveled in every single moment of her performance.

Hook’s Song: ‘Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine’

Is there anything Killian Jones can’t do in a leather coat? His performance was funny, charming, and required a boatload (get it?) of choreography. In the grand scheme of the episode, this number in particular highlights how far Hook has come from his vengeful past. He is overcome with glee at the mention of a meeting with Rumpel, but in the present he actively if begrudgingly seeks the Dark One’s aid to save his true love.

We’ll be watching this on repeat for quite some time.

Zelena’s Song: ‘Wicked Always Wins’

Zelena’s part in this episode felt a bit forced, but how can you deny Bex Mader a chance to sing? While we’ve struggled to accept any change for the better from this Wicked Witch, the series lays it on a bit thick with this contrast. For someone who embraces evil so fully that her skin changes color, watching her twirl along side her sister in Storybrooke felt out of place.

Are you all in on Zelena’s change of heart yet?

The Charmings and the Evil Queen’s song: ‘Charmings vs. Evil Queen’

This showdown was worth it for one moment — when the Charmings try to sing without the spell. Of course, this scene sends the couple back home without a victory. However, Blue’s arrival informs the rest of the episode, and ultimately the series, with one handy memory wipe. No one will remember the songs that were sung that day, except Emma.

How else would you get music into the so-called real world?

Emma’s Song: ‘Emma’s Theme’

Emma’s fear unleashing the song in her heart coincides with her fear of embracing who she truly is — The Savior. Having her accept the love and protection of all those around her, the people who have been in her corner since before she was born, brings the series full circle. Emma is no longer going into battle alone. She is no longer looking for a way to escape.

once musical

Just as she does in the “Pilot” she takes Henry’s advice and believes in something that defies logic.

Emma, Hook, and the Town: ‘A Happy Beginning’

Even if we are outside of the wish-verse at this time, the singing felt perfectly in place. Not only was this the perfect way to highlight everyone in the town — the reluctant line from Henry was priceless — but it also segued seamlessly into the finale. Together they overcame the consequences of the first curse casting and together they will fight the final battle.

Which ‘Once Upon a Time’ song was your favorite? Vote here!

Watch the Once Upon a Time season 6 finale, “The Final Battle,” Sunday, May 14 at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

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