10:00 pm EDT, September 11, 2012

‘Once Upon a Time’ launches official podcast, creators talk seasons 1 and 2

Once Upon a Time has launched an official podcast for the series. The first episode was released yesterday and featured co-creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz discussing the DVD release, season 1, and season 2.

The podcast jumps right into the discussion with talks about the DVD and Blu-ray release. Both Kitsis and Horowitz talk about how fun it was to set up Easter eggs early in the season and watch them become pivotal later on. They also state that the Blu-ray has some “extra extras” for fans who want even more behind the scenes.

The creators also discuss season 1 at length. One of the highlights is when they talk about the main theme of the show being hope. They also believe that good can triumph over evil and that there’s something special in all of us.

In addition, they discuss some of their inspirations for the show, pulling examples from music and fashion in particular. The Mad Hatter, for instance, was based off of Mick Jagger from the ’60s. They wanted an Edwardian feel to the character, but also just loved the Rolling Stones. They also cite Rumpelstiltskin’s influences as being Led Zeppelin paired with Tolkien, and the Evil Queen as being a tribute to Alexander McQueen runway shows.

They also discuss what brought about the idea for the show, answering that it came from their love of fairytales. Both wanted to explore the answers to questions like, what would happen if the characters lived in our world? And how would it feel to be the Evil Queen, to live in a world where everyone else got their happy endings? The idea for the show had been eight or nine years in the making, and they set out to make every episode like a summer movie.

Kitsis and Horowitz round up the podcast with a few snippets about season 2. Unfortunately, they didn’t have anything new to say, but they said that this season will explore what happens when magic comes into our world and how it will behave, plus what it means to the characters. They’ll still go back and forth between worlds, and there will still be big surprises along the way.

They also note that season 2 will be an extention of the themes explored in season 1. Of paricular insterest is the idea that magic has a price.

Listen to the official Once Upon a Time podcast on iTunes. They’ll be bringing us a new episode next week.

Also, don’t forget that Hypable has our own podcast for the series! In the first episode of Onceable, we discussed what our favorite fairytales were and why we love the show so much. We also discussed the Easter eggs we noticed and what we thought of David/Prince Charming on episode 2, titled “Purple Smoke Monster.” And in our latest discussion, “The Fairest of them All,” we reviewed the DVD’s bonus features and talked about Mary Margaret/Snow White.

What price do you think the characters will have to pay for the magic?

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