The Once Upon a Time season 1 finale “A Land Without Magic” airs tomorrow night! Josh Dallas shares some hints about what’s to come.

Speaking to TV Line, Josh Dallas shares his excitement about tomorrow’s finale episode, which will center around Prince Charming’s backstory:

A lot of [blanks] are filled in, and there will be a lot of surprises coming at you. I mean, the finale is crazy-bananas. It’s like a train that keeps on going and won’t stop.

Dallas also addresses how David has been affected by the curse, and the problems he’s faced throughout the season:

[The curse has] totally kicked his ass! In my opinion, he’s been affected more than anybody else. I mean, he gives her the wrong [Valentine’s] card…. He’s a real tool, sometimes, and I feel sorry for him. But I love the fact that I as an actor get to play the two different emotional speeds of the two guys. They’re the same character, but they have different experiences that make them inherently different people. David has all that Charming stuff inside of him trying to get out, and by the finale, hopefully, fingers crossed, Charming is going to come out.

Previewing the big cliffhanger which awaits us at the end of the episode, Dallas says:

You’re going to say, “What the hell is going to happen now?”Something is going to happen that the fans are not going to expect. It’s big, it’s epic…. So many questions are answered and things are resolved, but that just means there’ll be a whole other load of questions!

Whoa. That’s only gonna make the hiatus harder to handle, right guys?

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