The Once Upon a Time spin-off show has added another cast member to its growing list, this time in the form of Paul Reubens.

Reubens is, of course, best known for portraying Pee-Wee Herman. However, he’s also lent his voice to a number of projects, and it looks like his latest will be Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

The show is adding the character of the White Rabbit to the roster, according to Deadline. In Once Upon a Time, they made a character that was initially an animal — the crocodile — into an actual human being — Rumpelstiltskin. That doesn’t seem to be the case for the spin-off, which will show the White Rabbit as an entirely CG character.

Interestingly, Deadline also hints at what other characters we may be seeing enter the show if it is picked up by ABC as a full-fledged series. They include, of course, the Mad Hatter, played by Sebastian Stan in Once Upon a Time, along with the Cheshire Cat! There’s no word as of yet if the Cheshire Cat would also be a CG creature, or if it would be personified a la Rumpelstiltskin’s Crocodile persona.

What do you think of Reubens portraying the White Rabbit?

More ‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’

Recent additions to Once Upon a Time in Wonderland include Sophie Lowe as Alice and Peter Gadiot as Cyrus, Alice’s love interest. We’ve also previously learned that Michael Socha will play the Knave of Hearts. Additionally, Emma Rigby has joined the show as the Red Queen, and we may even be getting Barbara Hershey back as Cora/the Queen of Hearts if the show is picked up by the network.

The show promises that Once Upon a Time in Wonderland will act much like the original show in that we’ll see both pre- and post-curse Wonderland, with flashbacks intermingled throughout. The show will begin filming this weekend, on April 7, in Vancouver.

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