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‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’ episode 4 recap: ‘Make a Wish’

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland sheds some light on the weaknesses of its villians in tonight’s episode, ‘The Serpent.’ Check out who got a glimpse at a love long gone and find out the reason Jafar needs Cyrus.

Will Scarlet and Anastasia, reunited at last! This reunion is anything but pleasant on tonight’s Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Take a look into the past and see how the evil took root in Jafar’s heart.

A long time ago in Agrahbah, a young boy witnesses the magic of a mysterious woman in the market. As the villagers cower from her presence, the boy seeks out her residence and requests she teach him dark magic. He wants one thing; revenge. The boy, Jafar, admits that he wants to seek punishment against his father, the Sultan, for tossing him aside as a bastard child.

Roughly fifteen years later, Jafar is a grown man in the city of Agrahbah. Manipulation is a lesson that comes with the art of dark magic. The serpent, a creature the dark witch surrounds herself with, sheds its skin in order to be reborn into a new being. In Jafar’s case, from a man who unintentionally poisons a man, to one who sees the advantages in doing so. Perhaps it was the moment of macho transformation, the dark witch decides it is time to show Jafar the dark book of spells. The book contains the secret of the power that rests with the combined magic of the three genies.

The dark witch has waited years for someone to share this magic with and she finally found the one person she trusts to do so. Jafar in debts his life to her and gazes upon his work so far in the present. One space remains empty; Cyrus.

Jafar in the past approaches the man in possession of a genie. He tourtures the owner until he makes his final wish that Jafar cause him no harm. He leaves with the genie.

A Party of Equals: Nothing is more important than honesty between two people. Jafar inquires as to the Red Queen’s purpose for bringing the Knave to Wonderland. She admits that she only summoned the troublemaker in order to make sure Alice followed someone she trusted. Now that Will has served his purpose and is only making more trouble for their quest, Jafar demands the Knave be eliminated. He leaves the Queen with the task to do so.

Jafar places the serpent towards Anastasia and asks politely why the Knave is still breathing in the dungeon. Jafar wants to make an example of Will by holding a public execution on the chopping block. It is time for the Red Queen to prove to the land and to Jafar that she is more than just a girl with a stolen crown.

Jafar wonders what is wrong with the lovely queen’s distressed attitude. Alice is spotted in the crowd, but Jafar demands that nothing be done about it. Let the duo see just how far Alice is willing to go to save her friend.

Into the Woods: After a brief discussion on the merits of avoiding the Red Queen, Alice convinces the Knave they must continue on their journey. The Queen’s captors are out in droves to capture them. Alice wants to stay and fight, while Will takes off the divert them. As he hides from a pack, he overhears the enemy crumble to their feet. Assuming it is the work of Alice, he comes out into the clearing, only to receive an most unwelcome surprise: a visit from Anastasia, now clad in the jewels of royalty.

Alice attempts to find the Knave in the Underworld, but is stopped before she enters by a woman who goes by the name, Lizard. She offers to go after the Red Queen with Alice since she needs repayment from the Knave. After all, “dead man can’t pay debts.”

It turns out that Lizard and the Knave have a rather deep history together. Will needed someone to tag along with after the breakup, stealing and manipulating the weak. On the road to the castle, Alice and Lizard come across a notice: Public Execution Today- The Knave of Hearts.

As the executioner raises the axe over Will’s head, the crowd draws in a collected breath only to exhale in feverish disgust as the blade slices his bound hands and misses his neck. The executioner rips the hood off to reveal it is indeed Alice and she and Will escape over the wall via catapult intended to launch Will’s severed head.

Jafar and the Queen arrive in the hedge maze to cut off Alice and the Knave. The Knave is close to death at the grasp of Jafar’s magic, but Alice uses a wish entwining their lives together. If one dies, the other dies. Jafar attempts to torture Alice into making another wish, but she refuses. It is only after Jafar informs Alice that he will never stop torturing those she cares about that he flees.

Alice is left with a statue of her former partner, Will. He may be alive, but he is not going to help her any time soon. Anastasia gets a slap of reality courtesy of Alice; however, she still refuses to help her once lover or his new friend. Alice finds herself in a new type of prison, alive, but never free.

Lover’s Quarrel: Will and Anastasia have a bit of chat in the dungeon before Jafar shows up to claim his prize. Will knows the real Anastasia behind the red facade and he is willing to use that information any way he can. Anastasia approaches Will a few hours later instructing him to follow the White Rabbit out of the castle and Wonderland all together. Will decides that a fate much worse for Ana than getting him to safety would be for him to die at her hands.

A Wishbone: Cyrus grovels and begs a guard for a morsel of food. His confused cell mate asks why after all this time he is suddenly willing to show any ounce of weakness. Cyrus has other intentions for the chicken corpse; crack the wishbone hidden inside. Cyrus sharpens the wishbone in his cage, until a guard catches him and takes the wishbone and tosses it away.

As Alice makes her first wish, Cyrus feels a part of his connection to her begin to disappear. She is starting to slip away.

Jafar takes his mentor all too seriously in the spirit of shedding another layer of skin. He drugs the dark witch and engulfs her magical essence and powers into a serpent which he molds into his staff.

A myth long ago, that the person with the larger wishbone receives the wish, is untrue. The bone merely wants to rejoin its other half. Cyrus takes the smaller half of the wishbone and summons its partner to the bottom of his cage. The beginning of an escape begins.

Next week, Alice revamps her stamina, and hair style, to take on her two largest enemies!

Watch ‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’ episode 5 ‘Heart of Stone’ Thursday, November 14 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC

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