See two new sneak peeks from Sunday’s Once Upon a Time episode “Child of the Moon,” which show Ruby discovering a terrible truth in Storybrooke and finding herself in trouble in a flashback.

In the first clip, Granny and David find Ruby sleeping in the forest, and she discovers that she escaped from the cage she was locked up in when she transformed into a wolf. And just as David is assuring her that there’s no reason to panic, he gets a call about a double-parked car and they go to the docks to discover that Billy (Storybrooke’s resident mechanic who fixed Ruby’s car in season 1) has been brutally murdered! Ruby freaks out when she realises that she must have done it in wolf form.

The second sneak peek shows Red and Snow White hiding in the forest as guards search for them. Red freaks out when she discovers a tear in the red cloak which is supposed to stop her from turning, and she tells Snow to run away.

There’s also a new Canadian promo for the episode which reveals a bit of new footage:

Finally we’ve got a bit of a teaser from Meghan Ory herself, who tells TV Line that the episode will reveal some more about the portal which will take Emma and Snow back to Storybrooke. “I can’t say a lot about it, but a lot of questions regarding the portal and all of that are answered in this episode, like right from the get-go,” she enthuses. “It’s a crazy episode!”

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Are you excited to see a Ruby-centric episode? Do you think that she really killed Billy, or is she being framed by King George (who has promised David to make his life hell)?

Once Upon a Time 2×07 “Child of the Moon” airs Sunday at 8/7c on ABC.

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