We’ll be returning to Doctor Whale’s story on Once Upon a Time, as Chad Michael Collins has landed the role of Frankenstein’s brother.

TV Line reports that actor Chad Michael Collins, whose TV credits include Greek, a number of different CSIs, Ringer and Last Resort, has been cast as Gerhardt – the character previously described as “an athletic and good-natured military man who is filled with idealism.”

We have now learned that Gerhardt is Frankenstein’s brother, and of course we also know what that makes him: the original Frankenstein’s monster; the re-animated corpse which Whale needed a magical heart to bring back to life.

The character is further described as, “the kind of son any parent would be proud of,” and maybe we’re just having Buffy flashbacks here but maybe Whale’s backstory will involve a bit of jealousy for his perfect brother, and a sense of guilt that he survived while Gerhardt didn’t.

We can’t wait to see more of Whale and his black and white world! Collins is scheduled to appear in episode 2×12, which is written by Jane Espenson. While we shouldn’t assume that we’ll be getting another Whale-centric episode, the fact that Gerhardt wasn’t brought to Storybrooke with the rest of them at least indicates that we’ll see where he came from, and how he got to be Frankenstein’s original monster.

Jane Espenson is best known for penning Rumpelstiltskin-centric episodes, so maybe we’ll learn more about what prompted Rumpel to call on Frankenstein in the first place, when he needed him to manipulate Regina.

Once Upon a Time returns next Sunday with the episode “Into the Deep.” We’ll see Regina and Rumpelstiltskin place David’s life in danger in order to allow him to communicate with Mary Margaret in fairytale land, while Cora races to steal the compass from Emma and the group. Will they finally find a way back?

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